of the nature of or serving as a type or representative specimen.
conforming to a particular type.
Biology. exemplifying most nearly the essential characteristics of a higher group in natural history, and forming the type: the typical genus of a family.
characteristic or distinctive: He has the mannerisms typical of his class.
pertaining to, of the nature of, or serving as a type or emblem; symbolic.
Also, typic.

1605–15; < Medieval Latin typicālis, equivalent to Late Latin typic(us) (< Greek typikós, equivalent to týp(os) type + -ikos -ic) + Latin -ālis -al1

typically, adverb
typicalness, typicality, noun
nontypical, adjective
nontypically, adverb
nontypicalness, noun
quasi-typical, adjective
quasi-typically, adverb
untypical, adjective
untypically, adverb

1. normal, average, stock, usual.
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typical (ˈtɪpɪkəl)
1.  being or serving as a representative example of a particular type; characteristic: the painting is a typical Rembrandt
2.  considered to be an example of some undesirable trait: that is typical of you!
3.  of or relating to a representative specimen or type
4.  conforming to a type
5.  biology having most of the characteristics of a particular taxonomic group: a typical species of a genus
[C17: from Medieval Latin typicālis, from Late Latin typicus figurative, from Greek tupikos, from tupostype]

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Word Origin & History

c.1600, "symbolic, emblematic," from M.L. typicalis "symbolic," from L.L. typicus "of or pertaining to a type," from Gk. typikos, from typos "impression" (see type). Sense of "characteristic" is first recorded 1850. Related: Typically.
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Example sentences
Private sector activity is typically small-scale workshops, farming, and
After college and four years of veterinary school, typically you do a one-year
  internship and then a three-year residency.
It's something that's not typically thought of outside of its usefulness as a
The theater's typically red hues shifted to cool blues for the night.
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