[uhn-luhk-ee] /ʌnˈlʌk i/
adjective, unluckier, unluckiest.
(of a person) not lucky; lacking good fortune; ill-fated.
(of an event or circumstance) inauspicious or characterized by misfortune; ominous.
1520–30; un-1 + lucky
Related forms
unluckily, adverb
unluckiness, noun
hapless, unsuccessful, unfortunate, ill-omened.
Example Sentences for unlucky
But they were unlucky enough to appear in their particular time and space.
And hundreds of unwary-or merely unlucky-explorers have lost their lives attempting to probe their secrets.
Owls have even been known to prey upon unlucky cats and dogs.
Prisoners unlucky enough to be caught were punished severely.
Some of the largest have pitchers up to a foot deep and can consume a whole frog or even a rat unlucky enough to fall into them.
One user even reported worse battery life with the update, but that unlucky individual seems to be an outlier.
Thoughtful people in general as well as unlucky patients have been distressed by some of the effects of specialization.
The faces of people dying from or struggling with aids have dwindled to an unlucky few.
He prayed and he prayed, but still he remained as unlucky as ever.
The world is a lottery wherein one must expect to meet with many unlucky chances.
British Dictionary definitions for unlucky
unlucky (ʌnˈlʌkɪ)
1.  characterized by misfortune or failure: an unlucky person; an unlucky chance
2.  ill-omened; inauspicious: an unlucky date
3.  regrettable; disappointing
4.  dialect (Brit) causing trouble; mischievous

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Word Origin and History for unlucky
1530, "marked by misfortune or failure," from un- (1) "not" + lucky (see luck). Cf. W.Fris. unlokkich, M.L.G. unluckich. Sense of "boding ill" is recorded from 1547; that of "having bad luck" is from 1552; that of "bringing bad luck" is from 1586.
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