verb (used without object), swerved, swerving.
to turn aside abruptly in movement or direction; deviate suddenly from the straight or direct course.
verb (used with object), swerved, swerving.
to cause to turn aside: Nothing could swerve him.
an act of swerving; turning aside.

1175–1225; Middle English swerven (v.); Old English sweorfan to rub, file; cognate with Dutch zwerven to rove, Old High German swerban, Old Norse sverfa to file, Gothic afswairban to wipe off

unswerved, adjective
unswerving, adjective
unswervingly, adverb
unswervingness, noun

1. See deviate.
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swerve (swɜːv)
1.  to turn or cause to turn aside, usually sharply or suddenly, from a course
2.  (tr) to avoid (a person or event)
3.  the act, instance, or degree of swerving
[Old English sweorfan to scour; related to Old High German swerban to wipe off, Gothic afswairban to wipe off, Old Norse sverfa to file]

unswerving (ʌnˈswɜːvɪŋ)
not turning aside; constant

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Word Origin & History

early 13c., "to depart, make off;" early 14c., "to turn aside, deviate from a straight course," probably from O.E. sweorfan "to rub, scour, file" (but sense development is difficult to trace), from P.Gmc. *swerbanan (cf O.N. sverfa "to scour, file," O.S. swebran "to wipe off"), from PIE base *swerbh-.
Cognate words in other Germanic languages (cf. O.Fris. swerva "to creep," M.Du. swerven "to rove, stray") suggests the sense of "go off, turn aside" may have existed in O.E., though unrecorded. The noun is recorded from 1741.
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Example sentences
If he advocates change, he does so with an unswerving sartorial consistency.
Many a time he seemed to jeopardize his political career through his unswerving loyalty.
In addition to these partners, the trust land beneficiaries have been unswerving in their support and appreciation.
Many of us remember her unswerving demand for excellence and her willingness to provide anything a patron requested.
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