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[uhn-troo] /ʌnˈtru/
adjective, untruer, untruest.
not true, as to a person or a cause, to fact, or to a standard.
unfaithful; false.
incorrect or inaccurate.
before 1050; Middle English untrewe, Old English un(ge)trēowe; see un-1, true
Related forms
untrueness, noun
1. groundless, unfounded, erroneous. Unabridged
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Examples from the web for untrue
  • But there's nothing particularly untrue or dishonest about this hilarious piece.
  • But many other points made are either untrue, misleading, or false.
  • It is the bringing forward something in writing or in print purporting to be of certain effect when it is altogether untrue.
  • Taken together, these studies demonstrate that popular stereotypes of marijuana users are unfair and untrue.
  • As with many cherished stories, though, this is untrue.
  • If it's untrue, then we're probably due for a confusing day in the echo chamber.
  • It makes great headlines, but it's laughably untrue.
  • Claims that vaccines cause autism are not only untrue, they're dangerous.
  • It is quite easy to praise him without offering an observation that is obviously untrue.
  • People were warned that churches would lose their tax-exempt status, which was untrue.
British Dictionary definitions for untrue


incorrect or false
diverging from a rule, standard, or measure; inaccurate
Derived Forms
untrueness, noun
untruly, adverb
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Word Origin and History for untrue

Old English untreowe "unfaithful" (of persons), from un- (1) "not" + true (adj.). Cf. Middle Dutch ongetrouwe, Middle Low German ungetruwe, Old High German ungitriuwi, Old Norse utryggr. Meaning "contrary to facts" is attested from c.1300.

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