victuals, food supplies; provisions.
food or provisions for human beings.
verb (used with object), victualed, victualing or (especially British) victualled, victualling.
to supply with victuals.
verb (used without object), victualed, victualing or (especially British) victualled, victualling.
to take or obtain victuals.
Archaic. to eat or feed.
Also, vittle.

1275–1325; Middle English vitaille < Anglo-French, Middle French vitail(l)e, Old French vituaille < Late Latin victuālia provisions, noun use of neuter plural of Latin victuālis pertaining to food, equivalent to victu(s) nourishment, way of living (vic-, variant stem of vīvere to live + -tus suffix of v. action) + -ālis -al1; modern spelling < Latin

victualless, adjective
revictual, verb, revictualed, revictualing or (especially British) revictualled, revictualling.
unvictualed, adjective
unvictualled, adjective Unabridged
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victual (ˈvɪtəl)
vb , (US) -uals, -ualling, -ualled, -uals, -ualing, -ualed
1.  to supply with or obtain victuals
2.  rare (intr) (esp of animals) to partake of victuals
[C14: from Old French vitaille, from Late Latin victuālia provisions, from Latin victuālis concerning food, from victus sustenance, from vīvere to live]

victuals (ˈvɪtəlz)
pl n
(sometimes singular) food or provisions

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Word Origin & History

c.1300, vitaylle (singular), from Anglo-Fr. and O.Fr. vitaille, from L.L. victualia "provisions," noun use of plural of victualis "of nourishment," from victus "livelihood, food, sustenance," from base of vivere "to live" (see vital). Spelling altered early 16c. to conform
with Latin, but pronunciation remains "vittles."
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Example sentences
The dogs had water and sampled the victuals at a doggie bar.
Often had he become so hungry while being made a fence of, that he had to steal
Our hut mates, who are cooking up a gourmet dehydrated meal, are a bit stunned
  to see we've carried such heavy victuals.
Eight pound a month, all found, free tobacco and prime victuals.
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