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waggon (ˈwæɡən)
n, —vb
a variant spelling (esp Brit) of wagon

wagon or waggon (ˈwæɡən)
1.  any of various types of wheeled vehicles, ranging from carts to lorries, esp a vehicle with four wheels drawn by a horse, tractor, etc, and used for carrying crops, heavy loads, etc
2.  (Brit) a railway freight truck, esp an open one
3.  (US), (Canadian) a child's four-wheeled cart
4.  (US), (Canadian) a police van for transporting prisoners and those arrested
5.  chiefly (US), (Canadian) See station wagon
6.  an obsolete word for chariot
7.  informal off the wagon no longer abstaining from alcoholic drinks
8.  informal on the wagon abstaining from alcoholic drinks
9.  (tr) to transport by wagon
[C16: from Dutch wagenwain]
waggon or waggon
[C16: from Dutch wagenwain]
'wagonless or waggon
'waggonless or waggon

Wagon or Waggon (ˈwæɡən)
the Wagon another name for the Plough
Waggon or Waggon

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Example sentences
They leave it standing in the field till the last waggon is about to wend homewards.
He commonly travelled on foot, but sometimes in a waggon: he always read or meditated on the road.
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