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[weyst] /weɪst/
the part of the body in humans between the ribs and the hips, usually the narrowest part of the torso.
the part of a garment covering this part of the body.
blouse (def 1).
the part of a one-piece garment covering the body from the neck or shoulders more or less to the waistline, especially this part of a woman's or child's garment.
a child's undergarment to which other articles of apparel may be attached.
the part of an object, especially a central or middle part, that resembles or is analogous to the human waist:
the waist of a violin.
Nautical. the central part of a ship; that part of the deck between the forecastle and the quarterdeck.
the constricted portion of the abdomen of certain insects, as a wasp.
Origin of waist
1300-50; Middle English wast, apocopated variant of wastum, Old English wæstm growth, form, figure; akin to wax2
Related forms
waistless, adjective
Can be confused
waist, waste. Unabridged
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Examples from the web for waist
  • Pants widened my hips, shrank my legs and made my waist disappear.
  • For example, a towel used to dry the lower half of the body must not touch anything above the waist.
  • Highly adjustable harness system with interchangeable waist straps and adjustable torso length.
  • Miller links the wage fluctuations to changes in body odor, waist-to-hip ratio, and facial features.
  • The size of your waist can tell you far more about the state of your health than the number on a bathroom scale.
  • They chose to shock those fully clothed significantly more often than those exposed above the waist.
  • Before it capsized, he attached the bag of gold to his waist and jumped overboard.
  • Ended up sliding too early, having to climb back up said pole then slide down again fast, which lifted skirt round waist.
  • Still others stand, waist deep, and carry on about last night's party or yesterday's catch.
  • The best seem to glide through the air from the waist up, but their feet are a blur.
British Dictionary definitions for waist


(anatomy) the constricted part of the trunk between the ribs and hips
the part of a garment covering the waist
the middle part of an object that resembles the waist in narrowness or position
the middle part of a ship
Also called centre section. the middle section of an aircraft fuselage
the constriction between the thorax and abdomen in wasps and similar insects
Derived Forms
waistless, adjective
Word Origin
C14: origin uncertain; related to Old English wæstmwax²
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Word Origin and History for waist

"middle part of the body," also "part of a garment fitted for the waist," late 14c., probably from Old English *wæst "growth," hence, "where the body grows," from Proto-Germanic *wahs-tu- (cf. Old English wæstm, Old Norse vaxtr, Swedish växt, Old High German wahst "growth, increase," Gothic wahstus "stature," Old English weaxan "to grow" see wax (v.)), from PIE *wegs-, extended form of root *aug- "to increase" (see augment). Meaning "portion of a garment that covers the waist" (but, due to fashion styles, often is above or below it) is from 1640s.

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waist in Medicine

waist (wāst)

  1. The part of the human trunk between the bottom of the rib cage and the pelvis.

  2. The middle section or part of an object, especially when narrower than the rest.

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