a small, often hard, abnormal elevation on the skin, usually caused by a papomavirus.
any small protuberance, as on the surface of certain plants, the skin of certain animals, etc.
any unattractive detrimental feature or aspect: The biography presents the full story of the prime minister's political career, warts and all.

before 900; Middle English; Old English wearte; cognate with German Warze, Old Norse varta; akin to Latin verrūca wart

warted, adjective
wartless, adjective
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World English Dictionary
wart (wɔːt)
1.  pathol Also called: verruca any firm abnormal elevation of the skin caused by a virus
2.  botany a small rounded outgrowth
3.  warts and all with all blemishes evident
[Old English weart(e); related to Old High German warza, Old Norse varta]

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Word Origin & History

O.E. wearte, from P.Gmc. *warton- (cf. O.N. varta, O.Fris. warte, Du. wrat, O.H.G. warza, Ger. warze "wart"), from PIE base *wer- (cf. L. verruca "swelling, wart;" see vary). Phrase warts and all "without concealment of blemishes" is attested from 1763, supposedly from Oliver
Cromwell's instruction to his portrait painter.
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Medical Dictionary

wart (wôrt)
A hard, rough lump that grows on the skin and is caused by infection with certain viruses; it typically occurs on the hands or feet. Also called verruca, verruga.

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Science Dictionary
wart   (wôrt)  Pronunciation Key 
  1. A small growth on the skin caused by a virus, occurring typically on the hands or feet.

  2. A similar growth on a plant, especially one caused by a fungal disease.

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Slang Dictionary

wart definition

  1. n.
    an annoying person. (Also a rude term of address.) : Tell the wart to leave, or we will be forced to call Spike, who doesn't care for such persons.
  2. n.
    a problem or an obstruction in a plan. : Okay, now we come to the wart. We don't have the money to carry out this plan.
Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions by Richard A. Spears.Fourth Edition.
Copyright 2007. Published by McGraw-Hill Education.
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Computing Dictionary

wart definition

A small, crocky feature that sticks out of an otherwise clean design. Something conspicuous for localised ugliness, especially a special-case exception to a general rule. For example, in some versions of "csh(1)", single quotes literalise every character inside them except "!". In ANSI C, the "?" syntax used for obtaining ASCII characters in a foreign environment is a wart. See also miswart.
[Jargon File]

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Example sentences
Wart removers are medicines used to eliminate warts, which are small, usually
  painless growths on the skin caused by a virus.
Your comic timing may be worse than a wart hog's, but you can still read a
  short and provocative news story or play a tape.
Not if the face you're looking at has a hairy wart on the tip of its nose.
He injected bleomycin crystals in liquid form into each wart.
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