[hwiz, wiz] /ʰwɪz, wɪz/
verb (used without object), whizzed, whizzing.
to make a humming, buzzing, or hissing sound, as an object passing swiftly through the air.
to move or rush with such a sound:
"The angry hornets whizzed by in a cloud."
verb (used with object), whizzed, whizzing.
to cause to whiz.
to treat with a whizzer.
Informal. a person who is quite good at a particular activity, in a certain field, etc.:
"She's a whiz at math."
the sound of a whizzing object.
a swift movement producing such a sound.
Also, whizz.
1540–50; imitative; cf. fizz
Related forms
whizzingly, adverb


[hwiz, wiz] /ʰwɪz, wɪz/
wizard (def 3).
by shortening
Example Sentences for whiz
The trees at the side of the road whiz by, whereas the mountains on the distant horizon hardly move.
Its vision of the future, however, is a smorgasbord of whiz-bang inventions.
He played dangerous games with reflexive grace and was a whiz at handling risky props.
He's got a tight drummer and a keyboard whiz behind him.
It's easy to get excited about a new whiz-bang building with some great technological innovation.
In other words, the kooky bike's a fitting symbol of the campus tour's whiz-bang evolution.
And the graduate training that produces our scientists encourages this whiz-bang number crunching and technology.
Yes, some folks will never master a calculus but the calculus whiz may lack potential to master inserting a cardiac catheter.
She was a marketing whiz immersed in technology, bright and articulate and eager to take on an aging professor knocking the kids.
He didnt know what to call that process so he asked a math whiz about it.
British Dictionary definitions for whiz
whizz or whiz (wɪz)
vb , whizzes, whizzing, whizzed
1.  to make or cause to make a loud humming or buzzing sound
2.  to move or cause to move with such a sound
3.  informal (intr) to move or go rapidly
4.  a loud humming or buzzing sound
5.  informal a person who is extremely skilful at some activity
6.  a slang word for amphetamine
7.  informal (US) take a whizz to urinate
[C16: of imitative origin]
whiz or whiz
[C16: of imitative origin]

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Word Origin and History for whiz
"clever person," 1914, probably a special use of whiz "something remarkable" (1908), an extended sense of whizz; or perhaps a shortened form of wizard. Noun phrase whiz kid is from 1930s, a take-off on a radio show's quiz kid.
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Slang related to whiz

whiz 1


A very successful performer; an outstanding expert; humdinger : the town's most promising high school football whiz/ a whiz at exterior (as opposed to psychological) characterization

[1914+; perhaps a shortened form of wizard]

whiz 2


: I just came down for a whizz (1971+)


To urinate; piss : exactly twenty-five minutes after whizzing in his pants for the last time/ I gotta whiz. Will you just cover me at the register for a minute? (1929+)

[perhaps echoic; perhaps related to late 1800s British hold your whiz, ''be quiet, shut up,'' similar to hold your water]

whiz 3


To pick pockets

[1925+ Underworld; apparently fr the whizzing speed with which an expert pickpocket works]

whiz 4


gee whiz2

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