resembling a wing.

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wing (wɪŋ)
1.  either of the modified forelimbs of a bird that are covered with large feathers and specialized for flight in most species
2.  one of the organs of flight of an insect, consisting of a membranous outgrowth from the thorax containing a network of veins
3.  either of the organs of flight in certain other animals, esp the forelimb of a bat
4.  a.  a half of the main supporting surface on an aircraft, confined to one side of it
 b.  the full span of the main supporting surface on both sides of an aircraft
 c.  an aircraft designed as one complete wing
 d.  a position in flight formation, just to the rear and to one side of an aircraft
5.  a.  an organ or apparatus resembling a wing
 b.  anatomy Technical name: ala any bodily structure resembling a wing: the wings of a sphenoid bone
6.  anything suggesting a wing in form, function, or position, such as a sail of a windmill or a ship
7.  botany
 a.  either of the lateral petals of a sweetpea or related flower
 b.  any of various outgrowths of a plant part, esp the process on a wind-dispersed fruit or seed
8.  a means or cause of flight or rapid motion; flight: fear gave wings to his feet
9.  the act or manner of flying: a bird of strong wing
10.  (Brit) US and Canadian name: fender the part of a car body that surrounds the wheels
11.  any affiliate of or subsidiary to a parent organization
12.  sport
 a.  either of the two sides of the pitch near the touchline
 b.  a player stationed in such a position; winger
13.  left wing See also right wing a faction or group within a political party or other organization
14.  a part of a building that is subordinate to the main part
15.  (plural) the space offstage to the right or left of the acting area in a theatre
16.  in the wings ready to step in when needed
17.  fortifications a side connecting the main fort and an outwork
18.  a folding panel, as of a double door or a movable partition
19.  either of the two pieces that project forwards from the sides of some chairbacks
20.  the US name for quarterlight
21.  a surface fitted to a racing car to produce aerodynamic download to hold it on the road at high speed
22.  (plural) an insignia in the form of stylized wings worn by a qualified aircraft pilot
23.  a tactical formation in some air forces, consisting of two or more squadrons
24.  any of various flattened organs or extensions in lower animals, esp when used in locomotion
25.  the side of a hold alongside a ship's hull
26.  the outside angle of the cutting edge on the share and mouldboard of a plough
27.  a jetty or dam for narrowing a channel of water
28.  on a wing and a prayer with only the slightest hope of succeeding
29.  on the wing
 a.  flying
 b.  travelling
 c.  about to leave
30.  take wing
 a.  to lift off or fly away
 b.  to depart in haste
 c.  to become joyful
31.  under one's wing in one's care or tutelage
32.  clip someone's wings
 a.  to restrict someone's freedom
 b.  to thwart someone's ambition
33.  on wings flying or as if flying
34.  spread one's wings, stretch one's wings to make full use of one's abilities
35.  (also intr) to make (one's way) swiftly on or as if on wings
36.  to shoot or wound (a bird, person, etc) superficially, in the wing or arm, etc
37.  to cause to fly or move swiftly: to wing an arrow
38.  to fit (an arrow) with a feather
39.  to provide with wings
40.  (of buildings, altars, etc) to provide with lateral extensions
41.  informal wing it to accomplish or perform something without full preparation or knowledge; improvise
[C12: from Scandinavian; compare Old Norse vǣngir (plural), Norwegian veng]

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Example sentences
The earliest insects with winglike appendages lived in an aquatic environment.
Flaps on the winglike fins control the degree of steepness of the dive.
Flaps of skin connecting limbs to body provide a winglike surface.
No trouble identifying this one: a flying fish that was soaring away from a
  pursuer on long, winglike pectoral fins.
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