verb (used without object), wriggled, wriggling.
to twist to and fro; writhe; squirm.
to move along by twisting and turning the body, as a worm or snake.
to make one's way by shifts or expedients (often followed by out ): to wriggle out of a difficulty.
verb (used with object), wriggled, wriggling.
to cause to wriggle: to wriggle one's hips.
to bring, get, make, etc., by wriggling: to wriggle one's way through a narrow opening.
act of wriggling; a wriggling movement.

1485–95; < Middle Low German wriggelen (cognate with Dutch wriggelen), frequentative of *wriggen to twist, turn, akin to Old English wrīgian to twist; see wry

wrigglingly, adverb
outwriggle, verb (used with object), outwriggled, outwriggling.
unwriggled, adjective
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wriggle (ˈrɪɡəl)
1.  to make or cause to make twisting movements
2.  (intr) to progress by twisting and turning
3.  (intr; foll by into or out of) to manoeuvre oneself by clever or devious means: wriggle out of an embarrassing situation
4.  a wriggling movement or action
5.  a sinuous marking or course
[C15: from Middle Low German; compare Dutch wriggelen]

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Word Origin & History

1495, from M.L.G. wrigglen "to wriggle," from P.Gmc. *wrig-, *wreik- "to turn" (see wry). Related to O.E. wrigian "to turn, incline, go forward."
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Example sentences
They wriggle and wriggle and twist and turn until you wonder why they don't
  fall apart.
Cavers wriggle through unexplored, underground mazes.
Although a bony fish, it lacks a swim bladder and thus has to wriggle to move
  forward at the same depth.
They wriggle around, they latch on to surfaces, they drill their way through.
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