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[zingk] /zɪŋk/
Chemistry. a ductile, bluish-white metallic element: used in making galvanized iron, brass, and other alloys, and as an element in voltaic cells. Symbol: Zn; atomic weight: 65.37; atomic number: 30; specific gravity: 7.14 at 20°C.
a piece of this metal used as an element in a voltaic cell.
verb (used with object), zincked or zinced
[zingkt] /zɪŋkt/ (Show IPA),
zincking or zincing
[zing-king] /ˈzɪŋ kɪŋ/ (Show IPA)
to coat or cover with zinc.
Origin of zinc
1635-45; < German Zink, perhaps derivative of Zinke(n) prong, tine, from the spikelike form it takes in a furnace
Related forms
zincky, zincy, zinky, adjective
zincoid, adjective Unabridged
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Examples from the web for zinc
  • zinc is an important trace mineral that people need to stay healthy.
  • Scientists still haven't discovered a cure for the common cold, but researchers now say zinc may be the next best thing.
  • Bacitracin zinc is a medicine applied to cuts and other skin wounds to help prevent infection.
  • My column this week mentions a fair amount of scientific information about zinc in denture cream.
  • The decor around this horseshoe-shaped zinc bar is dated, but the dishes are modern and often served in innovative combinations.
  • Less-prominent exterior elements of the addition are sheathed in zinc.
  • zinc supposedly helps the body's natural defenses work to their natural capacity and decrease the severity and length of a cold.
  • Citrus may suffer from chlorosis due to iron, manganese, or zinc deficiency.
  • Some elements were more common than others, but everything from argon to zinc was there.
  • Fresh and ready to harvest cilantro fills a wide zinc bowl.
British Dictionary definitions for zinc


a brittle bluish-white metallic element that becomes coated with a corrosion-resistant layer in moist air and occurs chiefly in sphalerite and smithsonite. It is a constituent of several alloys, esp brass and nickel-silver, and is used in die-casting, galvanizing metals, and in battery electrodes. Symbol: Zn; atomic no: 30; atomic wt: 65.39; valency: 2; relative density: 7.133; melting pt: 419.58°C; boiling pt: 907°C
(informal) corrugated galvanized iron
Derived Forms
zincic, zincous, zincoid, adjective
zincky, zincy, zinky, adjective
Word Origin
C17: from German Zink, perhaps from Zinke prong, from its jagged appearance in the furnace
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Word Origin and History for zinc

1650s, from German Zink, perhaps related to Zinke "prong, point;" said to have been used first by Paracelsus (c.1526) on analogy of the form of its crystals after smelting. Zinke is from Old High German zint "a point, jag," from Proto-Germanic *tindja "tine" (cf. Old Norse tindr "point, top, summit," Old English tind "prong, spike;" cf. tine).

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zinc in Medicine

zinc (zĭngk)
Symbol Zn
A metallic element that is brittle at room temperature but becomes malleable when heated. Atomic number 30; atomic weight 65.39; melting point 419.5°C; boiling point 907°C; specific gravity 7.133 (25°C); valence 2.

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zinc in Science
Symbol Zn
A shiny, bluish-white metallic element that is brittle at room temperature but is malleable when heated. It is used in alloys such as brass and bronze, as a coating for iron and steel, and in various household objects. Zinc is essential to human and animal growth. Atomic number 30; atomic weight 65.39; melting point 419.4°C; boiling point 907°C; specific gravity 7.133 (25°C); valence 2. See Periodic Table.
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