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Monday, October 14, 2002

Definitions for contradistinction

  1. Distinction by contrast; as, "sculpture in contradistinction to painting."

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Citations for contradistinction
In the quarter-century since "Gravity's Rainbow," American novelists have increasingly fixed their boldest inventions in the past, usually their own early years or a time long before they were born -- in contradistinction to postwar writers who vigorously peeled away World War II and the social fabric of the 1950's. Gary Giddins, New York Times
The music was breathing constantly, in contradistinction to the willfully suffocated feeling of most heavy music. Ben Ratliff, New York Times
Origin of contradistinction
Contradistinction is contra-, from Latin contra, "against" + distinction, from Latin distinctio, from distinguere, "to distinguish."
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