[ad-van-ser, -vahn-]
a person or thing that advances.
the second branch of the antlers of a buck.

1490–1500; see advance, -er1 Unabridged
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advance (ədˈvɑːns)
1.  to go or bring forward in position
2.  (foll by on) to move (towards) in a threatening manner
3.  (tr) to present for consideration; suggest
4.  to bring or be brought to a further stage of development; improve; further
5.  (tr) to cause (an event) to occur earlier
6.  (tr) to supply (money, goods, etc) beforehand, either for a loan or as an initial payment
7.  to increase (a price, value, rate of occurrence, etc) or (of a price, etc) to be increased
8.  (intr) to improve one's position; be promoted: he advanced rapidly in his job
9.  archaic (tr) to promote in rank, status, or position
10.  forward movement; progress in time or space
11.  improvement; progress in development
12.  commerce
 a.  the supplying of commodities or funds before receipt of an agreed consideration
 b.  the commodities or funds supplied in this manner
 c.  (as modifier): an advance supply
13.  Also called: advance payment a money payment made before it is legally due: this is an advance on your salary
14.  a loan of money
15.  an increase in price, value, rate of occurrence, etc
16.  a less common word for advancement
17.  in advance
 a.  beforehand: payment in advance
 b.  (foll by of) ahead in time or development: ideas in advance of the time
18.  (modifier) forward in position or time: advance booking; an advance warning
[C15: advauncen, altered (on the model of words beginning with Latin ad-) from C13 avauncen, via Old French from Latin abante from before, from ab- away from + ante before]

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Maintenance personnel should review the controller and advancer wiring.
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