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[ad-vahyzd] /ædˈvaɪzd/
considered (usually used in combination):
ill-advised; well-advised.
informed; apprised:
The president was kept thoroughly advised.
Origin of advised
1275-1325; Middle English; see advise, -ed2
Related forms
[ad-vahy-zid-nis] /ædˈvaɪ zɪd nɪs/ (Show IPA),


[ad-vahyz] /ædˈvaɪz/
verb (used with object), advised, advising.
to give counsel to; offer an opinion or suggestion as worth following:
I advise you to be cautious.
to recommend as desirable, wise, prudent, etc.:
He advised secrecy for the sake of national security.
to give (a person, group, etc.) information or notice (often followed by of):
The investors were advised of the risk. They advised him that this was their final notice.
verb (used without object), advised, advising.
to take counsel; consult (usually followed by with):
I shall advise with my friends.
to offer counsel; give advice or recommend particular actions, conduct, etc.:
I shall act as you advise.
1275-1325; late Middle English; replacing Middle English avisen < Anglo-French, Old French aviser, verbal derivative of avis opinion (< a vis; see advice)
Related forms
preadvise, verb (used with object), preadvised, preadvising.
readvise, verb, readvised, readvising.
Can be confused
advice, advise (see synonym study at advice)
1. counsel, admonish, caution. 2. suggest. 3. inform, notify, apprise, acquaint. 4. confer, deliberate, discuss, consult. Unabridged
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Examples from the web for advised
  • For participants in this second group, doctors advised further treatment based on the results of these tests.
  • Reservations are strongly advised in summer, on holidays, and on spring and fall weekends.
  • Subjects were advised of the risks surrounding making their results public and the uncertainties about how to respond to them.
  • Worried by the playwright's increasingly unstable state, he also advised a total hiatus from work.
  • In the same statement, the publisher advised that it would be pushing back a good part of its upcoming games.
  • Hospital security advised of the theft of two containers of yogurt.
  • If advised to evacuate your home, do so immediately.
  • Due to graphic content, parental discretion is advised.
  • Obviously the rising is more dangerous, even though neither situation is advised.
  • The act of mating with a species other than your own may not be as ill advised or peculiar as it seems.
British Dictionary definitions for advised


resulting from deliberation See also ill-advised, well-advised
Derived Forms
advisedly (ədˈvaɪzɪdlɪ) adverb


verb (when transitive, may take a clause as object or an infinitive)
to offer advice (to a person or persons); counsel: he advised the king, to advise caution, he advised her to leave
(formal) (transitive) sometimes foll by of. to inform or notify
(mainly US or obsolete) (intransitive) foll by with. to consult or discuss
Word Origin
C14: via Old French from Vulgar Latin advīsāre (unattested) to consider, from Latin ad- to + visāre (unattested), from vīsere to view, from vidēre to see
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Word Origin and History for advised



late 13c., avisen "to view, consider," from Old French aviser "deliberate, reflect, consider" (13c.), from avis "opinion" (see advice). Meaning "to give counsel to" is late 14c. Related: Advised; advising.

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