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[uh-rahyz] /əˈraɪz/
verb (used without object), arose, arisen
[uh-riz-uh n] /əˈrɪz ən/ (Show IPA),
to get up from sitting, lying, or kneeling; rise:
He arose from his chair when she entered the room.
to awaken; wake up:
He arose at sunrise to get an early start to the beach.
to move upward; mount; ascend:
A thin curl of smoke arose lazily from the cabin.
to come into being, action, or notice; originate; appear; spring up:
New problems arise daily.
to result or proceed; spring or issue (sometimes followed by from):
It is difficult to foresee the consequences that may arise from this action. After such destruction many problems in resettlement often arise.
Origin of arise
before 900; Middle English arisen, Old English ārīsan; cognate with Gothic ur-reisan. See a-3, rise
Related forms
rearise, verb (used without object), rearose, rearisen, rearising.
3. climb. 4. emerge, flow, emanate. Unabridged
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Examples from the web for arising
  • It is simply not true that dinosaurs arising opportunistically is a new concept.
  • Then came a succession of smaller impulses, some arising from turbulence, others from changes in the ship's spatial orientation.
  • The data derived from such options are far inferior to those arising from animal use.
  • Perhaps you can replace your vacuous ad homonyms with counterfactuals arising from your own homework.
  • Two students of mine published an article arising from an independent study.
  • Where a volume of smoke is arising there must be some fire.
  • Consider first its practical role arising from divisive political conflict and the need to settle the problem of order.
  • Likewise a banker arranging a structured finance has a proportion of his bonus in the junior debt arising from that transaction.
  • Soft power is particularly important in dealing with issues arising from the bottom chessboard of transnational relations.
  • Nor are insurers the only people who see potential cost savings arising out of the genomic revolution.
British Dictionary definitions for arising


verb (intransitive) arises, arising, arose, arisen
to come into being; originate
(foll by from) to spring or proceed as a consequence; result: guilt arising from my actions
to get or stand up, as from a sitting, kneeling, or lying position
to come into notice
to move upwards; ascend
Word Origin
Old English ārīsan; related to Old Saxon arīsan, Old High German irrīsan; see rise
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Word Origin and History for arising

verbal noun from arise (v.). Replaced in most senses by rising.



Old English arisan "to get up, rise; spring from, originate; spring up, ascend" (cognate with Old Saxon arisan, Gothic urreisan), from a- (1) "of" + rise (v.). Mostly replaced by rise except in reference to circumstances. Related: Arising; arose; arisen.

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