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verb (used with object)
to weave together strips or strands of; plait: to braid the hair.
to form by such weaving: to braid a rope.
to bind or confine (the hair) with a band, ribbon, etc.
to trim with braid, as a garment.
a braided length or plait, especially of hair.
a hair style formed by interweaving three or more strands of hair.
a narrow, ropelike band formed by plaiting or weaving together several strands of silk, cotton, or other material, used as trimming for garments, drapery, etc.
a band, ribbon, etc., for binding or confining the hair.

before 950; Middle English braiden, breiden (v.), Old English bregdan to move quickly, move to and fro, weave; cognate with Old Norse bregtha, Dutch breien

braider, noun
well-braided, adjective

braid, brayed.
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braid1 (breɪd)
1.  to interweave several strands of (hair, thread, etc); plait
2.  to make by such weaving: to braid a rope
3.  to dress or bind (the hair) with a ribbon, etc
4.  to decorate with an ornamental trim or border: to braid a skirt
5.  a length of hair, fabric, etc, that has been braided; plait
6.  narrow ornamental tape of woven silk, wool, etc
[Old English bregdan to move suddenly, weave together; compare Old Norse bregtha, Old High German brettan to draw a sword]

braid2 (bred, breɪd)
1.  broad
2.  broadly; frankly
[Scot variant of broad]

braiding (ˈbreɪdɪŋ)
1.  braids collectively
2.  work done in braid
3.  a piece of braid

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Word Origin & History

c.1200, breidan "to dart, twist, pull," from O.E. bregdan "to move quickly; pull; shake; draw (a sword)" (class III strong verb, past tense brægd, past participle brogden), from P.Gmc. *bregthan "make sudden jerky movements from side to side" (cf. O.N. bregða "to brandish, turn about, braid;"
O.S. bregdan "to weave;" Du. breien "to knit;" O.H.G. brettan "to draw, weave, braid"), from PIE base *bherek- "to gleam, flash" (cf. Skt. bhrasate "flames, blazes, shines"). The broader word survives only in the narrow definition of "plaiting hair," which was in O.E. The noun meaning "anything plaited or entwined" (especially hair) is from 1520s. Related: Braided; braiding; braids.
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Example sentences
On weekdays, kids at the center do everything from quilt making to rug braiding to cooking.
They race away in six directions, and she patiently plops them back, braiding them together to slow their getaway.
But this summer's films appear to be interested in an even tighter braiding of comic-book-ish legend and our national mythos.
Limitations in current braiding and textile technologies have reduced the potential effectiveness of this material system.
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