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[kan-dee] /ˈkæn di/
noun, plural candies.
any of a variety of confections made with sugar, syrup, etc., often combined with chocolate, fruit, nuts, etc.
a single piece of such a confection.
Slang. cocaine.
someone or something that is pleasing or pleasurable, usually in a superficial way (often used in combination):
eye candy.
verb (used with object), candied, candying.
to cook in sugar or syrup, as sweet potatoes or carrots.
to cook in heavy syrup until transparent, as fruit, fruit peel, or ginger.
to reduce (sugar, syrup, etc.) to a crystalline form, usually by boiling down.
to coat with sugar:
to candy dates.
to make sweet, palatable, or agreeable.
verb (used without object), candied, candying.
to become covered with sugar.
to crystallize into sugar.
1225-75; Middle English candi, sugre candi candied sugar < Middle French sucre candi; candiArabic qandī < Persian qandi sugar < Sanskrit khaṇḍakaḥ sugar candy
Related forms
candylike, adjective Unabridged
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Examples from the web for candies
  • As the candies are pulled out, place the selected ones on the table next to the bowl.
  • My favorite headache cure, however, is peppermint candies.
  • We started bribing him with candies and treats to get him to work.
  • Ask students to quietly observe their candies and to think of similarities and differences between them.
  • The artisan also dabbles in kudzu recipes for everything from kudzu quiches and breads to jellies and candies.
  • Natural foods stores will often carry individually wrapped candies including lollipops, chocolates, and toffee.
  • There are two different penguin related candies you can put out for your party.
  • Travelers leave her simple offerings: candies, a few cigarettes, a can of soda.
  • The second you feel the mixture begin to thicken, start spooning up the candies.
  • On a little table there are nuts, candies, and the cake.
British Dictionary definitions for candies


noun (pl) -dies
(mainly US & Canadian) confectionery in general; sweets, chocolate, etc
a person or thing that is regarded as being attractive but superficial: arm candy
(informal) like taking candy from a baby, very easy to accomplish
verb -dies, -dying, -died
to cause (sugar, etc) to become crystalline, esp by boiling or (of sugar) to become crystalline through boiling
to preserve (fruit peel, ginger, etc) by boiling in sugar
to cover with any crystalline substance, such as ice or sugar
Word Origin
C18: from Old French sucre candi candied sugar, from Arabic qandi candied, from qand cane sugar, of Dravidian origin
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Word Origin and History for candies



late 13c., "crystalized sugar," from Old French çucre candi "sugar candy," ultimately from Arabic qandi, from Persian qand "cane sugar," probably from Sanskrit khanda "piece (of sugar)," perhaps from Dravidian (cf. Tamil kantu "candy," kattu "to harden, condense").


1530s, from candy (n.). Related: Candied; candying.

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Slang definitions & phrases for candies


  1. Cocaine or hashish (narcotics 1900+)
  2. A sugar cube soaked with lsd; LSD (1960s+ Narcotics)
  3. Any barbiturate drug; drugs in general (1960s+ Narcotics)
  4. Something easily done; breeze, cinch, piece of cake (1940s+)
Related Terms

needle candy, nose candy

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