1 [sinch]
a strong girth used on stock saddles, having a ring at each end to which a strap running from the saddle is secured.
a firm hold or tight grip.
something sure or easy: This problem is a cinch.
a person or thing certain to fulfill an expectation, especially a team or contestant certain to win a sporting event: The Giants are a cinch to win Sunday's game.
verb (used with object)
to gird with a cinch; gird or bind firmly.
Informal. to seize on or make sure of; guarantee: Ability and hard work cinched her success.

1855–60, Americanism; < Spanish cincha < Latin cingula girth, equivalent to cing(ere) to gird + -ula -ule Unabridged
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cinch1 (sɪntʃ)
1.  slang an easy task
2.  slang a certainty
3.  (US), (Canadian) Also called (in Britain and certain other countries): girth a band around a horse's belly to keep the saddle in position
4.  informal a firm grip
5.  (US), (Canadian) (often foll by up) to fasten a girth around (a horse)
6.  informal (tr) to make sure of
7.  informal (tr) to get a firm grip on
[C19: from Spanish cincha saddle girth, from Latin cingula girdle, from cingere to encircle]

cinch2 (sɪntʃ)
a card game in which the five of trumps ranks highest
[C19: probably from cinch1]

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Word Origin & History

1859, Amer.Eng., "saddle-girth," from Sp. cincha "girdle," from L. cingulum "a girdle," from cingere "to surround, encircle," from PIE base *kenk- "to gird, encircle." Sense of "an easy thing" is 1898, via notion of "a sure hold" (1888). The verb is first recorded 1866.
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Example sentences
Each is cinched to the deck by four white nylon straps.
My father cinched the rope, a noose around my waist, and lowered me into the
The bag was loosely cinched, allowing officers to look inside and see part of
  the body.
Evidence showed that the wire rope sling was not cinched tight around the
  support members.
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