[dih-frak-tom-i-ter, dif-rak-] /dɪ frækˈtɒm ɪ tər, ˌdɪf ræk-/
noun, Physics.
an instrument that is used to study atomic crystal structure by measuring the angles at which x-rays, neutrons, or electrons are diffracted by matter.
1905–10; diffract + -o- + -meter
Example Sentences for diffractometer
The modern diffractometer is aligned for optimum resolution.
The diffractometer zero correction refinement flag is found on the histogram panel, as seen below.
The powder-diffractometer is used primarily for undergraduate instruction.
The diffractometer system is monitored by a drift sample such as aluminum.
British Dictionary definitions for diffractometer
diffractometer (ˌdɪfrækˈtɒmɪtə)
physics an instrument used in studying diffraction, as in the determination of crystal structure by diffraction of X-rays

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