before 1000; Middle English; Old English dohtig worthy, equivalent to *doht worth (cognate with Old High German toht; see dow1, -th1) + -ig -y1; replacing Old English dyhtig, cognate with German tüchtig

doughtily, adverb
doughtiness, noun
undoughty, adjective

brave, bold, intrepid, fearless, dauntless. Unabridged


Charles Montagu [mon-tuh-gyoo] , 1843–1926, English traveler and writer. Unabridged
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doughty (ˈdaʊtɪ)
adj , -tier, -tiest
hardy; resolute
[Old English dohtig; related to Old High German toht worth, Middle Dutch duchtich strong, Greek tukhē luck]

Doughty (ˈdaʊtɪ)
Charles Montagu. 1843--1926, English writer and traveller; author of Travels in Arabia Deserta (1888)

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Word Origin & History

O.E. dohtig "competent, good, valiant," from dyhtig "strong," related to dugan "to be fit, be able, be strong," and influenced by its p.p., dohte. All from P.Gmc. *duhtiz- (cf. M.H.G. tühtec, Ger. tüchtig, M.Du. duchtich), from PIE *dheugh- "to be fit, be of use, proper" (cf. Ger. Tugend "virtue,"
Gk. teukhein "to make ready," Ir. dual "becoming, fit," Rus. duzij "strong, robust"). Rare after 17c.; in deliberately archaic or mock-heroic use since c.1800. If it had survived, its modern form would be dighty.
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Example sentences
Here is territory so shadowy that only a few doughty performers who are steeped
  in the lore of the period dare to venture there.
You've frightened away not only the tourists, but also the shopkeepers and even
  the doughty burghers.
However, their doughty resilience should not be underestimated.
The doughty predator is dwindling, thanks seemingly to less snow as a result of
  global warming.
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