noun, plural folios.
a sheet of paper folded once to make two leaves, or four pages, of a book or manuscript.
a volume having pages of the largest size, formerly made from such a sheet.
a leaf of a manuscript or book numbered only on the front side.
(in a book) the number of each page.
(in a newspaper) the number of each page together with the date and the name of the newspaper.
Bookkeeping. a page of an account book or a left-hand page and a right-hand page facing each other and having the same serial number.
Law. a certain number of words, in the U.S. generally 100, taken as a unit for computing the length of a document.
pertaining to or having the format of a folio: a folio volume.
verb (used with object), folioed, folioing.
to number each leaf or page of.
Law. to mark each folio in (a pleading or the like) with the proper number.

1525–35; < Latin foliō (orig. in phrase in foliō in a leaf, sheet), ablative of folium folium Unabridged

folio verso

[foh-lee-oh wer-soh; English foh-lee-oh vur-soh]
the back of the page. Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
folio (ˈfəʊlɪəʊ)
n , pl -lios
1.  a sheet of paper folded in half to make two leaves for a book or manuscript
2.  a book or manuscript of the largest common size made up of such sheets
3.  a leaf of paper or parchment numbered on the front side only
4.  a page number in a book
5.  law a unit of measurement of the length of legal documents, determined by the number of words, generally 72 or 90 in Britain and 100 in the US
6.  (NZ) a collection of related material
7.  relating to or having the format of a folio: a folio edition
vb , -lios, -lios, -lioing, -lioed
8.  (tr) to number the leaves of (a book) consecutively
[C16: from Latin phrase in foliō in a leaf, from folium leaf]

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Word Origin & History

mid-15c., from L.L. folio "leaf or sheet of paper," from L. folio, abl. of folium "leaf," from PIE *bhulyom "leaf" (cf. Gk. phyllon "leaf," Gael. bile "leaflet, blossom"), from base *bhel- (2) "to thrive, bloom, swell" (see bole). Ablative of location, since this was used in
page references. Meaning "volume of the largest size" first attested 1620s.
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Example sentences
It is an episodic selection from a folio of letters rather than a complete dramatic characterization.
One folio volume is as ponderous as another, if it crushes down the tender germs of thought.
Parallel texts of the first and second quartos and the first folio, ed.
The six-part folio presented here features digital cartographic displays.
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