curing or curative; prescribed or helping to heal.
growing sound; getting well; mending.
the act or process of regaining health: a new drug to accelerate healing.

before 1000; Middle English heelyng (adj.), helynge (noun), Old English hǣlinge (noun). See heal, -ing2, -ing1

healingly, adverb
self-healing, adjective
unhealing, adjective
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verb (used with object)
to make healthy, whole, or sound; restore to health; free from ailment.
to bring to an end or conclusion, as conflicts between people or groups, usually with the strong implication of restoring former amity; settle; reconcile: They tried to heal the rift between them but were unsuccessful.
to free from evil; cleanse; purify: to heal the soul.
verb (used without object)
to effect a cure.
(of a wound, broken bone, etc.) to become whole or sound; mend; get well (often followed by up or over ).

before 900; Middle English helen, Old English hǣlan (cognate with Dutch helen, German heilen, Old Norse heila, Gothic hailjan), derivative of hāl hale1, whole

healable, adjective
half-healed, adjective
preheal, verb (used with object)
unhealable, adjective
unhealed, adjective
well-healed, adjective

heal, heel, he'll.

1. See cure. 2. compose, soothe. 3. purge, disinfect.

1, 2. irritate. 3. soil, infect.
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World English Dictionary
heal (hiːl)
1.  to restore or be restored to health
2.  (intr; often foll by over or up) (of a wound, burn, etc) to repair by natural processes, as by scar formation
3.  (tr)
 a.  to treat (a wound, etc) by assisting in its natural repair
 b.  to cure (a disease or disorder)
4.  to restore or be restored to friendly relations, harmony, etc
[Old English hælan; related to Old Norse heila, Gothic hailjan, Old High German heilen; see hale1, whole]
n, —adj

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Word Origin & History

O.E. hælan "make whole, sound and well," from P.Gmc. *khailaz (cf. O.S. helian, O.N. heila, O.Fris. hela, Du. heelen, Ger. heilen), lit. "to make whole," which is also the source of O.E. hal (see health). Heal-all as a native word for "panacea" is attested from 1577;
applied to various plants since 1853.
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American Heritage
Medical Dictionary

heal (hēl)
v. healed, heal·ing, heals

  1. To restore to health or soundness; cure.

  2. To become well; return to sound health.

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Example sentences
In a land of healing miracles, neighbors must not suffer and die unattended.
Genuine simplicity of heart is a healing and cementing principle.
As long as healing is not complete the pus of the abscesses contains the
  microscopic organism which produced them.
Mineral pools on the lake are purported to have healing properties because of
  their high sulphur content.
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