[il-uh-streyt, ih-luhs-treyt]
verb (used with object), illustrated, illustrating.
to furnish (a book, magazine, etc.) with drawings, pictures, or other artwork intended for explanation, elucidation, or adornment.
to make clear or intelligible, as by examples or analogies; exemplify.
Archaic. to enlighten.
verb (used without object), illustrated, illustrating.
to clarify one's words, writings, etc., with examples: To prevent misunderstandings, let me illustrate.

1520–30; < Latin illustrātus past participle of illustrāre to illuminate, make clear, give glory to. See il-1, luster1, -ate1

illustratable, adjective
overillustrate, verb (used with object), overillustrated, overillustrating.
preillustrate, verb (used with object), preillustrated, preillustrating.
reillustrate, verb (used with object), reillustrated, reillustrating.
superillustrate, verb (used with object), superillustrated, superillustrating. Unabridged
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illustrate (ˈɪləˌstreɪt)
1.  to clarify or explain by use of examples, analogy, etc
2.  (tr) to be an example or demonstration of
3.  (tr) to explain or decorate (a book, text, etc) with pictures
4.  (tr) an archaic word for enlighten
[C16: from Latin illustrāre to make light, explain, from lustrāre to purify, brighten; see lustrum]

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Example sentences
The drawing should illustrate the creatures' adaptations and names.
Markets may not follow predictable, cyclical patterns, but the photographs
  chosen to illustrate market trends sure do.
The game is obviously intended to illustrate the problems a central bank faces.
Give students blank world outline maps and ask them to illustrate the maps with
  things they have learned about the polar regions.
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