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[in-di-skrim-uh-nit] /ˌɪn dɪˈskrɪm ə nɪt/
not discriminating; lacking in care, judgment, selectivity, etc.:
indiscriminate in one's friendships.
not discriminate; haphazard; thoughtless:
indiscriminate slaughter.
not kept apart or divided; thrown together; jumbled:
an indiscriminate combination of colors and styles.
1590-1600; in-3 + discriminate (adj.)
Related forms
indiscriminately, adverb
indiscriminateness, noun
1. See miscellaneous. 3. mixed. Unabridged
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Examples from the web for indiscriminate
  • Amazon horned frogs achieve their enormous girth by being generally indiscriminate about what they eat.
  • Yes, it'll oxidize the malaria, however it is entirely indiscriminate and will happily oxidize healthy human cells as well.
  • Autism is much more likely to be caused by indiscriminate vaccinations than paternal age.
  • If you lower the costs of exploring a space, you can be more indiscriminate in how you do it.
  • Once you go beyond that, you start to become indiscriminate.
  • We get the sense of an indiscriminate intellectual curiosity that can't be contained by the routines of the workday.
  • It doesn't cost much, actually, to be indiscriminate.
  • The crowd may be a social beast, but it isn't an indiscriminate one.
  • The protections for the imagination are indiscriminate.
  • After months of indiscriminate fear, widespread losses and government hand-holding, the banking industry is gradually stabilising.
British Dictionary definitions for indiscriminate


lacking discrimination or careful choice; random or promiscuous
jumbled; confused
Derived Forms
indiscriminately, adverb
indiscriminateness, noun
indiscrimination, noun
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Word Origin and History for indiscriminate

1640s, from in- (1) "not, opposite of" + discriminate (adj.).

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