[in-hos-pi-tuh-buh l, in-ho-spit-uh-buh l] /ɪnˈhɒs pɪ tə bəl, ˌɪn hɒˈspɪt ə bəl/
not inclined to, or characterized by, hospitality, as persons or actions; unfriendly.
(of a region, climate, etc.) not offering shelter, favorable conditions, etc.; barren:
"an inhospitable rocky coast."
1560–70; < Middle French < Medieval Latin inhospitābilis. See in-3, hospitable
Related forms
inhospitableness, noun
inhospitably, adverb
Example Sentences for inhospitable
How rugged the pioneers must have been to conquer this gorgeous but inhospitable terrain.
But underwater, it's home to a surprising animal that has managed to survive in this inhospitable and unlikely habitat.
The spacecraft's travails highlight the difficulty of working remotely in the inhospitable environment of deep space.
One possible explanation was that the region may have had an inhospitable environment.
Warm autumns can mean disease or inhospitable habitat.
The goal is a treatment that would render the patient's body completely inhospitable to the bug.
Many of these are inhospitable, roasting-hot worlds.
On the bright side, this was good news for local ocean life for a lack of oxygen would create inhospitable dead zones.
As the outdoors becomes more inhospitable, the longer the windows will stay closed.
In each case, differences in species were aided by the separation of populations that could not cross inhospitable habitats.
British Dictionary definitions for inhospitable
inhospitable (ɪnˈhɒspɪtəbəl, ˌɪnhɒˈspɪt-)
1.  not hospitable; unfriendly
2.  (of a region, an environment, etc) lacking a favourable climate, terrain, etc

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Word Origin and History for inhospitable
1570, from M.Fr. inhospitable (15c.), from M.L. inhospitabilis (equivalent of L. inhospitalis), from in- "not" + M.L. hospitabilis (see hospitable).
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