verb (used with object), insinuated, insinuating.
to suggest or hint slyly: He insinuated that they were lying.
to instill or infuse subtly or artfully, as into the mind: to insinuate doubts through propaganda.
to bring or introduce into a position or relation by indirect or artful methods: to insinuate oneself into favor.
verb (used without object), insinuated, insinuating.
to make insinuations.

1520–30; < Latin insinuātus, past participle of insinuāre to work in, instill. See in-2, sinuous, -ate1

insinuative [in-sin-yoo-ey-tiv, -yoo-uh-] , insinuatory [in-sin-yoo-uh-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee] , adjective
insinuatively, adverb
insinuator, noun
half-insinuated, adjective
preinsinuate, verb, preinsinuated, preinsinuating.
preinsinuative, adjective
uninsinuated, adjective
uninsinuative, adjective

1. See hint. 2. introduce, inject, inculcate. Unabridged
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insinuate (ɪnˈsɪnjʊˌeɪt)
1.  (may take a clause as object) to suggest by indirect allusion, hints, innuendo, etc
2.  (tr) to introduce subtly or deviously
3.  (tr) to cause (someone, esp oneself) to be accepted by gradual approaches or manoeuvres
[C16: from Latin insinuāre to wind one's way into, from in-² + sinus curve]

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Word Origin & History

1526 (implied in insinuation), from L. insinuatus, pp. of insinuare "bring in by windings and curvings, wind one's way into," from in- "in" + sinuare "to wind, bend, curve," from sinus "a curve, winding." Sense of "to introduce tortuously or indirectly" is from 1647.
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Example sentences
His enemies insinuate that it was not his political insights that were worth so
  much, but his influence and connections.
Your questions are disingenuous because they're meant to insinuate there are
  fundamental and serious issues with climate change.
This, in no way, is meant to insinuate that the comments received were tallied
  as votes in a referendum.
Avoid stating opinions or other information that may insinuate a bias.
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