[in-tuh-rog-uh-tiv] /ˌɪn təˈrɒg ə tɪv/
of, pertaining to, or conveying a question.
Grammar. forming, constituting, or used in or to form a question:
"an interrogative pronoun, suffix, particle, or sentence."
Grammar. an interrogative word, element, or construction, as who? and what?
1510–20; < Late Latin interrogātīvus. See interrogate, -ive
Related forms
interrogatively, adverb
uninterrogative, adjective
uninterrogatively, adverb
Example Sentences for interrogative
Stay in interrogative mode--you are exploring, no need to show anything off.
It feels interactive and interrogative rather than narrowly investigative.
It is a well established fact that juveniles are more vulnerable to coercive police interrogative techniques.
interrogative sentences are direct questions and ask for information, confirmation, or denial of a statement.
Students identify and write declarative and interrogative sentences and in addition, write simple friendly letters.
They are mostly interrogative or slightly imperative in nature.
The interrogative pronouns are used strictly for asking questions.
interrogative pronouns rarely occur in the plural, though they may.
The plural interrogative pronouns are the same as the plural relative pronouns.
British Dictionary definitions for interrogative
interrogative (ˌɪntəˈrɒɡətɪv)
1.  asking or having the nature of a question
2.  denoting a form or construction used in asking a question
3.  demonstrative Compare relative denoting or belonging to a class of words, such as which and whom, that are determiners, adjectives, or pronouns and serve to question which individual referent or referents are intended
4.  an interrogative word, phrase, sentence, or construction
5.  a question mark

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