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verb (used with object), laded, laden or laded, lading.
to put (something) on or in, as a burden, load, or cargo; load.
to load oppressively; burden (used chiefly in the passive): laden with many responsibilities.
to fill or cover abundantly (used chiefly in the passive): trees laden with fruit; a man laden with honors.
to lift or throw in or out, as a fluid, with a ladle or other utensil.
verb (used without object), laded, laden or laded, lading.
to take on a load.
to lade a liquid.

before 900; Middle English laden, Old English hladan to load, draw up (water); cognate with Dutch laden, German laden, Old Norse hlatha to load. Cf. ladle

lader, noun
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lade1 (leɪd)
vb (and foll by with) (and foll by with) , lades, lading, laded, laden, laded
1.  to put cargo or freight on board (a ship, etc) or (of a ship, etc) to take on cargo or freight
2.  to burden or oppress
3.  to fill or load
4.  to remove (liquid) with or as if with a ladle
[Old English hladen to load; related to Dutch laden]

lade2 (led, leɪd)
(Scot) a watercourse, esp a millstream
[of uncertain origin]

lading (ˈleɪdɪŋ)
a load; cargo; freight

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Word Origin & History

O.E. hladan (past tense hlod, pp. gehladen) "to load, heap" (the general Gmc. sense), also "to draw water" (a meaning peculiar to Eng.), from P.Gmc. *khlad- (cf. O.N. hlaða, O.Fris. hlada, O.H.G. hladen, Ger. laden), from PIE *klat- (cf. Lith. kloti "to spread," O.C.S. klado "to set, place").

c.1500, from lade.
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Example sentences
Each carries its own kind of header, known as a bill of lading, which
  identifies its contents and owner and directs its progress.
Here's no knavery, to bring my master to buy a ship worth the lading of two or
  three hundred thousand pounds.
The order form should tell the supplier to put the purchase order number on the
  invoice and bill of lading.
Verify that the addressee is shown on the label and the number of cartons is
  shown on the bill of lading.
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