adjective, leadier, leadiest.
like lead; leaden.

1350–1400; Middle English leedy. See lead2, -y1

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lead2 (lɛd)
1.  a heavy toxic bluish-white metallic element that is highly malleable: occurs principally as galena and used in alloys, accumulators, cable sheaths, paints, and as a radiation shield. Symbol: Pb; atomic no: 82; atomic wt: 207.2; valency: 2 or 4; relative density: 11.35; melting pt: 327.502°C; boiling pt: 1750°CRelated: plumbic, plumbeous, plumbous
2.  a lead weight suspended on a line used to take soundings of the depth of water
3.  swing the lead to malinger or make up excuses
4.  lead weights or shot, as used in cartridges, fishing lines, etc
5.  a thin grooved strip of lead for holding small panes of glass or pieces of stained glass
6.  (plural)
 a.  thin sheets or strips of lead used as a roof covering
 b.  a flat or low-pitched roof covered with such sheets
7.  printing Compare reglet a thin strip of type metal used for spacing between lines of hot-metal type
8.  a.  graphite or a mixture containing graphite, clay, etc, used for drawing
 b.  a thin stick of this material, esp the core of a pencil
9.  (modifier) of, consisting of, relating to, or containing lead
10.  go down like a lead balloon See balloon
11.  to fill or treat with lead
12.  to surround, cover, or secure with lead or leads
13.  printing to space (type) by use of leads
Related: plumbic, plumbeous, plumbous
[Old English; related to Dutch lood, German Lot]

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