adjective Archaic.
great; large; much.

before 900; Middle English mikel < Old Norse mikill; replacing Middle English michel, Old English micel (see much); cognate with Old High German mihil, Gothic mikils, akin to Latin magnus, Greek mégas

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mickle or dialect (Scot), (Northern English) muckle (ˈmɪkəl, ˈmʌkəl)
1.  great or abundant
2.  much; greatly
3.  a great amount, esp in the proverb, mony a little makes a mickle
4.  (Scot) a small amount, esp in the proverb, many a mickle maks a muckle
[C13 mikel, from Old Norse mikell, replacing Old English micelmuch]
muckle or dialect (Scot), (Northern English) muckle
[C13 mikel, from Old Norse mikell, replacing Old English micelmuch]

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Word Origin & History

dial. survival of O.E. micel, mycel "great, big, many," from P.Gmc. *mekilaz (cf. O.S. mikil, O.N. mikill, O.H.G. mihhil, Goth. mikils), from PIE base *meg(h)- "great, large" (cf. Arm. mets "great;" Skt. mahat- "great, mazah- "greatness;" Avestan mazant- "great;" Hitt. mekkish "great, large;" Gk. megas
"great, large;" L. magnus "great, large, much, abundant," major "greater;" M.Ir. mag, maignech "great, large;" M.Welsh meith "long, great"). Its main modern form is much (q.v.).
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Example sentences
However, many a mickle makes a muckle, and in total they add up to something significant.
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