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a variant of para-

para- or (before a vowel) par-1
1.  beside; near: parameter; parathyroid
2.  beyond: parapsychology
3.  resembling: paramnesia
4.  defective; abnormal: paraesthesia
5.  subsidiary to: paraphysis
6.  (usually in italics) ortho- Compare meta- p- denoting that an organic compound contains a benzene ring with substituents attached to atoms that are directly opposite across the ring (the 1,4- positions): paradinitrobenzene; para-cresol
7.  denoting an isomer, polymer, or compound related to a specified compound: paraldehyde; paracasein
8.  Compare ortho- denoting the form of a diatomic substance in which the spins of the two constituent atoms are antiparallel: parahydrogen
[from Greek para (prep) alongside, beyond]
par- or (before a vowel) par-1
[from Greek para (prep) alongside, beyond]

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