1 [pley-tee]
adjective, platier, platiest.
(of an igneous rock) split into thin, flat sheets, often resembling strata, as a result of uneven cooling.

1525–35; plate1 + -y1 Unabridged


2 [plat-ee]
noun, plural (especially collectively) platy (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) platys, platies.

1930–35; by shortening of Neo-Latin Platypoecilus genus name, equivalent to platy- platy- + -poecilus < Greek poikílos mottled


a combining form meaning “flat,” “broad,” used in the formation of compound words: platyhelminth.
Also, plat-.

combining form representing Greek platýs; see flat1 Unabridged
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platy1 (ˈpleɪtɪ)
adj , platier, platiest
of, relating to, or designating rocks the constituents of which occur in flaky layers: platy fracture
[C19: from plate + -y1]

platy2 (ˈplætɪ)
n , pl platy, platys, platies
any of various small brightly coloured freshwater cyprinodont fishes of the Central American genus Xiphophorus, esp X. maculatus
[C20: shortened from New Latin Platypoecilus former genus name, from platy- + -poecilus, from Greek poikilos spotted]

combining form
indicating something flat: platyhelminth
[from Greek platus flat]

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platy- pref.
Flat: platyhelminth.

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(species Xiphophorus maculatus), popular tropical aquarium fish of the live-bearer family, Poeciliidae (order Atheriniformes). The platy is a compact fish, about 5 cm (2 inches) long and extremely variable in colour. It has been bred in many attractive colour varieties, and, like the related swordtail (Xiphophorus helleri) with which it has been crossed, has been used in a variety of genetic and medical studies

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Example sentences
Serpentine is usually fine-grained and compact but may be granular, platy, or fibrous in appearance.
Consists of mainly dark platy to medium-bedded, fine-grained to aphanitic limestone, generally oolitic and fossiliferous.
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