capable of or suitable for being played.
(of ground) fit to be played on, as for a soccer game.

1475–85; play + -able

playability, noun
unplayable, adjective Unabridged
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play (pleɪ)
vb (when intr, often foll by at)
1.  to occupy oneself in (a sport or diversion); amuse oneself in (a game)
2.  (tr) to contend against (an opponent) in a sport or game: Ed played Tony at chess and lost
3.  to fulfil or cause to fulfil (a particular role) in a team game: he plays defence; he plays in the defence
4.  (tr) to address oneself to (a ball) in a game: play the ball not the man
5.  (intr; often foll by about or around) to behave carelessly, esp in a way that is unconsciously cruel or hurtful; trifle or dally (with): to play about with a young girl's affections
6.  to perform or act the part (of) in or as in a dramatic production; assume or simulate the role (of): to play the villain; just what are you playing at?
7.  to act out or perform (a dramatic production)
8.  to give a performance in (a place) or (of a performance) to be given in a place
9.  (intr) to be received: How will these policies play in Middle England?
10.  to have the ability to perform on (a musical instrument): David plays the harp
11.  to perform (on a musical instrument) as specified: he plays out of tune
12.  (tr)
 a.  to reproduce (a tune, melody, piece of music, note, etc) on an instrument
 b.  to perform works by (a specific composer): to play Brahms
13.  to discharge or cause to discharge: he played the water from the hose onto the garden
14.  to operate, esp to cause (a record player, radio, etc) to emit sound or (of a record player, radio, etc) to emit (sound): he played a record; the radio was playing loudly
15.  to move or cause to move freely, quickly, or irregularly: lights played on the scenery
16.  (tr) stock exchange to speculate or operate aggressively for gain in (a market)
17.  (tr) angling to attempt to tire (a hooked fish) by alternately letting out and reeling in line and by using the rod's flexibility
18.  to put (a card, counter, piece, etc) into play
19.  to gamble (money) on a game
20.  informal play ball to cooperate
21.  play fair, play fair with someone to prove oneself fair in one's dealings
22.  play false, play fair with someone to prove oneself unfair in one's dealings
23.  play by ear See ear
24.  play for time to delay the outcome of some activity so as to gain time to one's own advantage
25.  play into the hands of to act directly to the advantage of (an opponent)
26.  play the fool See fool
27.  play the game See game
28.  a dramatic composition written for performance by actors on a stage, on television, etc; drama
29.  a.  the performance of a dramatic composition
 b.  (in combination): playreader
30.  a.  games, exercise, or other activity undertaken for pleasure, diversion, etc, esp by children
 b.  (in combination): playroom
 c.  (as modifier): play dough
31.  manner of action, conduct, or playing: fair play
32.  the playing or conduct of a game or the period during which a game is in progress: rain stopped play
33.  (US), (Canadian) a move or manoeuvre in a game: a brilliant play
34.  the situation of a ball that is within the defined area and being played according to the rules (in the phrases in play, out of play)
35.  a turn to play: it's my play
36.  the act of playing for stakes; gambling
37.  action, activity, or operation: the play of the imagination
38.  freedom of or scope or space for movement: too much play in the rope
39.  light, free, or rapidly shifting motion: the play of light on the water
40.  fun, jest, or joking: I only did it in play
41.  call into play
 to bring into operation
42.  informal make a play for
 a.  to make an obvious attempt to gain
 b.  to attempt to attract or seduce
[Old English plega (n), plegan (vb); related to Middle Dutch pleyen]

playable (ˈpleɪəbəl)
able to be played or played up: a simple bagatelle, playable by anybody; I doubt if our pitch is playable

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Example sentences
Our results are based on all games, regardless of whether they were playable or
The game immediately immerses you in one of four playable characters and allows
  you explore your environment.
My role would be to make the composition playable so that any group, with
  enough ambition, could perform it.
No less important is our responsibility to provide a safe playable surface for
  baseball and softball.
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