noun, plural queries.
a question; an inquiry.
mental reservation; doubt.
Printing. a question mark (?), especially as added on a manuscript, proof sheet, or the like, indicating doubt as to some point in the text.
an inquiry from a writer to an editor of a magazine, newspaper, etc., regarding the acceptability of or interest in an idea for an article, news story, or the like: usually presented in the form of a letter that outlines or describes the projected piece.
verb (used with object), queried, querying.
to ask or inquire about: No one queried his presence.
to question as doubtful or obscure: to query a statement.
Printing. to mark (a manuscript, proof sheet, etc.) with a query.
to ask questions of.

1625–35; alteration (cf. -y3) of earlier quere < Latin quaere quaere

queryingly, adverb
outquery, verb (used with object), outqueried, outquerying.
unqueried, adjective

1. inquiry, query ; 2. quarry, query.
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World English Dictionary
query (ˈkwɪərɪ)
n , pl -ries
1.  a question, esp one expressing doubt, uncertainty, or an objection
2.  a less common name for question mark
vb , -ries, -ries, -rying, -ried
3.  to express uncertainty, doubt, or an objection concerning (something)
4.  to express as a query: "What's up now?" she queried
5.  (US) to put a question to (a person); ask
[C17: from earlier quere, from Latin quaere ask!, from quaerere to seek, inquire]

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Word Origin & History

1530s, quære, from L. quære "ask," imperative of quærere "to seek, gain, ask," probably ultimately from PIE *kwo-, base forming the stem of relative and interrogative pronouns. Spelling altered c.1600 by influence of inquiry. The noun in the sense of "a question" is attested from 1630s.
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Computing Dictionary

query definition

1. A user's (or agent's) request for information, generally as a formal request to a database or search engine.
SQL is the most common database query language.
2. question mark.

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Example sentences
Of course, he might have been programmed to fend off this kind of query with
  deadpan humor.
Not long ago a query arrived, urgent and unexpected, via cellphone.
There is no way to get an unbiased response to this query.
His answer was as irritating as my repeated query.
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