a person who reads.
a schoolbook for instruction and practice in reading: a second-grade reader.
a book of collected or assorted writings, especially when related in theme, authorship, or instructive purpose; anthology: a Hemingway reader; a sci-fi reader.
a person employed to read and evaluate manuscripts offered for publication.
a proofreader.
a person who reads or recites before an audience; elocutionist.
a person authorized to read the lessons, Bible, etc., in a church service.
a lecturer or instructor, especially in some British universities: to be appointed reader in English history.
an assistant to a professor, who grades examinations, papers, etc.
Computers. a device that reads data, programs, or control information from an external storage medium for transmission to main storage. Compare card reader, optical character reader.
a machine or device that projects or enlarges a microform image on a screen or other surface for reading.
a playing card marked on its back so that the suit or denomination of the card can be identified.
Library Science. the user of a library; library patron.

before 1000; Middle English reder(e), redar(e), Old English rǣdere. See read1, -er1

nonreader, noun
subreader, noun
underreader, noun Unabridged

optical scanning

the process of interpreting data in printed, handwritten, bar-code, or other visual form by a device (optical scanner or reader) that scans and identifies the data.

1955–60 Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
reader (ˈriːdə)
1.  a person who reads
2.  a person who is fond of reading
3.  a.  chiefly (Brit) at a university, a member of staff having a position between that of a senior lecturer and a professor
 b.  (US) a teaching assistant in a faculty who grades papers, examinations, etc, on behalf of a professor
4.  a.  a book that is part of a planned series for those learning to read
 b.  a standard textbook, esp for foreign-language learning
5.  a person who reads aloud in public
6.  a person who reads and assesses the merit of manuscripts submitted to a publisher
7.  a person employed to read proofs and indicate errors by comparison with the original copy; proofreader
8.  short for lay reader
9.  chiefly (Brit) Judaism another word for cantor

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Example sentences for readers
Swift, for example, does not directly tell his readers what is of value.
The majority of readers, and even of writers, demand only that they have a
The series has received praise from authors, publishers, readers and
  critics alike.
In so doing we raise the question of our own fitness as readers.
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