noun, plural scoopfuls.
the amount that a scoop can hold.

1715–25; scoop + -ful

See -ful. Unabridged
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scoop (skuːp)
1.  a utensil used as a shovel or ladle, esp a small shovel with deep sides and a short handle, used for taking up flour, corn, etc
2.  a utensil with a long handle and round bowl used for dispensing liquids
3.  a utensil with a round bowl and short handle, sometimes with a mechanical device to empty the bowl, for serving ice cream or mashed potato
4.  anything that resembles a scoop in action, such as the bucket on a dredge
5.  a spoonlike surgical instrument for scraping or extracting foreign matter, etc, from the body
6.  the quantity taken up by a scoop
7.  the act of scooping, dredging, etc
8.  a hollow cavity
9.  slang a large quick gain, as of money
10.  a news story reported in one newspaper before all the others; an exclusive
11.  any sensational piece of news
12.  (often foll by up) to take up and remove (an object or substance) with or as if with a scoop
13.  (often foll by out) to hollow out with or as if with a scoop: to scoop a hole in a hillside
14.  to win (a prize, award, or large amount of money)
15.  to beat (rival newspapers) in uncovering a news item
16.  sport to hit (the ball) on its underside so that it rises into the air
[C14: via Middle Dutch schōpe from Germanic; compare Old High German scephan to ladle, German schöpfen, Schaufelshovel, Dutch schoep vessel for baling]

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Example sentences
Add the mixed aggregate to the bowl, introducing each scoopful in a manner which minimizes entrapped air.
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