characterized by or abounding with showers: the showery season in the tropics.
falling in showers: showery petals.
causing or bringing showers: showery clouds.
of, pertaining to, or resembling showers: showery spray from the ocean.

1585–95; shower1 + -y1

showeriness, noun Unabridged
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shower1 (ˈʃaʊə)
1.  a brief period of rain, hail, sleet, or snow
2.  a sudden abundant fall or downpour, as of tears, sparks, or light
3.  a rush; outpouring: a shower of praise
4.  a.  a kind of bath in which a person stands upright and is sprayed with water from a nozzle
 b.  Full name: shower bath the room, booth, etc, containing such a bath
5.  slang (Brit) a derogatory term applied to a person or group, esp to a group considered as being slack, untidy, etc
6.  (US), (Canadian), (Austral), (NZ) a party held to honour and present gifts to a person, as to a prospective bride
7.  a large number of particles formed by the collision of a cosmic-ray particle with a particle in the atmosphere
8.  (NZ) a light fabric cover thrown over a tea table to protect the food from flies, dust, etc
vb (often with it as subject)
9.  (tr) to sprinkle or spray with or as if with a shower: shower the powder into the milk
10.  to fall or cause to fall in the form of a shower
11.  (tr) to give (gifts, etc) in abundance or present (a person) with (gifts, etc): they showered gifts on him
12.  (intr) to take a shower
[Old English scūr; related to Old Norse skūr, Old High German skūr shower, Latin caurus northwest wind]

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Example sentences
Precipitation with a nimbostratus cloud is never the heavy, showery type and
  often can last for several hours to more than a day.
The difference is a bit subjective, so it's up to weather observers to decide
  if the precipitation is steady or showery.
Pastures are really growing with the showery weather, and of course all
  livestock seem to be doing well.
However, there were a few areas that were wetter than normal due to showery
  rain and snow.
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