a person or thing that slides.
Baseball. a fast pitch that curves slightly and sharply in front of a batter, away from the side from which it was thrown.
any of several freshwater turtles of the genus Chrysemys, of North America, having a smooth shell usually olive brown with various markings above and yellow below: some, especially C. scripta, are raised commercially and the young sold as pets, rarely surviving to adulthood.

1520–30; slide + -er1 Unabridged
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slide (slaɪd)
vb (usually foll by into) (foll by in, into, etc) , slides, sliding, slid, slid, slidden
1.  to move or cause to move smoothly along a surface in continual contact with it: doors that slide open; children sliding on the ice
2.  (intr) to lose grip or balance: he slid on his back
3.  (intr; usually foll by into, out of, away from, etc) to pass or move gradually and unobtrusively: she slid into the room
4.  to go (into a specified condition) by degrees, unnoticeably, etc: he slid into loose living
5.  to move (an object) unobtrusively or (of an object) to move in this way: he slid the gun into his pocket
6.  (intr) music to execute a portamento
7.  let slide to allow to follow a natural course, esp one leading to deterioration: to let things slide
8.  the act or an instance of sliding
9.  a smooth surface, as of ice or mud, for sliding on
10.  a construction incorporating an inclined smooth slope for sliding down in playgrounds, etc
11.  rowing a sliding seat in a boat or its runners
12.  a thin glass plate on which specimens are mounted for microscopic study
13.  Also called: transparency a positive photograph on a transparent base, mounted in a cardboard or plastic frame or between glass plates, that can be viewed by means of a slide projector
14.  chiefly (Brit) Also called: hair slide, US and Canadian name: barrette an ornamental clip to hold hair in place
15.  machinery
 a.  a sliding part or member
 b.  the track, guide, or channel on or in which such a part slides
16.  music
 a.  the sliding curved tube of a trombone that is moved in or out to allow the production of different harmonic series and a wider range of notes
 b.  a portamento
17.  music
 a.  a metal or glass tube placed over a finger held against the frets of a guitar to produce a portamento
 b.  See also bottleneck the style of guitar playing using a slide
18.  geology
 a.  the rapid downward movement of a large mass of earth, rocks, etc, caused by erosion, faulting, etc
 b.  See also landslide the mass of material involved in this descent
[Old English slīdan; related to slidor slippery, sliderian to slither, Middle High German slīten]

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Example sentences
My guess is that the president is a slider-that is, someone who slides through life.
Ball movement is tracked a bit more accurately, so it's easier to spot the
  difference between a fastball and slider.
And unlike other, flimsier slider phones, the plastic hardware isn't chintzy.
Pinch-to-zoom and tap-to-zoom both work great, and there is a popover slider to
  adjust brightness.
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