capable of being spread; easily spread: a soft, spreadable cheese.

spread + -able

spreadability, noun
unspreadable, adjective
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spread (sprɛd)
vb (often foll by around) , spreads, spreading, spread
1.  to extend or unfold or be extended or unfolded to the fullest width: she spread the map on the table
2.  to extend or cause to extend over a larger expanse of space or time: the milk spread all over the floor; the political unrest spread over several years
3.  to apply or be applied in a coating: butter does not spread very well when cold
4.  to distribute or be distributed over an area or region
5.  to display or be displayed in its fullest extent: the landscape spread before us
6.  (tr) to prepare (a table) for a meal
7.  (tr) to lay out (a meal) on a table
8.  to send or be sent out in all directions; disseminate or be disseminated: someone has been spreading rumours; the disease spread quickly
9.  (of rails, wires, etc) to force or be forced apart
10.  to increase the breadth of (a part), esp to flatten the head of a rivet by pressing, hammering, or forging
11.  (tr) agriculture
 a.  to lay out (hay) in a relatively thin layer to dry
 b.  to scatter (seed, manure, etc) over a relatively wide area
12.  informal to make (oneself) agreeable to a large number of people, often of the opposite sex
13.  phonetics to narrow and lengthen the aperture of (the lips) as for the articulation of a front vowel, such as () in English see ()
14.  the act or process of spreading; diffusion, dispersal, expansion, etc: the spread of the Christian religion
15.  informal the wingspan of an aircraft
16.  an extent of space or time; stretch: a spread of 50 years
17.  informal chiefly (US), (Canadian) a ranch or relatively large tract of land
18.  the limit of something fully extended: the spread of a bird's wings
19.  a covering for a table or bed
20.  informal a large meal or feast, esp when it is laid out on a table
21.  a food which can be spread on bread, etc: salmon spread
22.  two facing pages in a book or other publication
23.  a widening of the hips and waist: middle-age spread
24.  stock exchange
 a.  the difference between the bid and offer prices quoted by a market maker
 b.  the excess of the price at which stock is offered for public sale over the price paid for the same stock by an underwriter
 c.  chiefly (US) Compare straddle a double option
25.  jewellery the apparent size of a gemstone when viewed from above expressed in carats: a diamond with a spread of four carats
26.  extended or stretched out, esp to the fullest extent
27.  (of a gem) shallow and flat
28.  phonetics
 a.  (of the lips) forming a long narrow aperture
 b.  (of speech sounds) articulated with spread lips: () in English "feel" is a spread vowel
[Old English sprǣdan; related to Old High German spreiten to spread, Old Lithuanian sprainas stiff]

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Example sentences
If mixture is not spreadable, warm in a small heavy saucepan over medium-low
  heat, whisking until smooth.
Ham marrow is as delicately flavored and as easily spreadable as butter, but it
  has none of butter's spinelessness.
Carrageenan makes peanut butter more spreadable and gives toothpaste its
The panel rated sun-judging sunflower butter samples less spreadable and having
  a higher initial firmness.
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