1 [swot]
verb (used with object), swatted, swatting.
to hit; slap; smack.
Baseball. to hit (a ball) powerfully, usually for a long distance.
a smart blow; slap; smack.
Baseball. a powerfully hit ball.
Also, swot.

1790–1800; orig. variant of squat

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2 [swot]
verb Dialect.
simple past tense and past participle of sweat.


3 [swot] British Slang.
verb (used without object), swatted, swatting, noun


a former princely state in NW India: now a part of Pakistan.
Also, Swati. a Muslim inhabitant of Swat.


a special section of some law enforcement agencies trained and equipped to deal with especially dangerous or violent situations, as when hostages are being held (often used attributively): a SWAT team.
Also, S.W.A.T.

S(pecial) W(eapons) a(nd) T(actics)

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swat1 (swɒt)
vb , swats, swatting, swatted
1.  to strike or hit sharply: to swat a fly
2.  another word (esp Brit) for swatter
3.  a sharp or violent blow
[C17: northern English dialect and US variant of squat]

swat2 (swɒt)
vb, —n , swats, swatting, swatted
a variant of swot

Swat (swɒt)
1.  a former princely state of NW India: passed to Pakistan in 1947
2.  a river in Pakistan, rising in the north and flowing south to the Kabul River north of Peshawar. Length: about 640 km (400 miles)

SWAT (swɒt)
n acronym for
Special Weapons and Tactics: a military-like unit within the US police force, trained to deal with specially dangerous situations, such as hostage-taking and riots

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Word Origin & History

1796, Amer.Eng. and northern England dialect word, possibly an alteration of M.E. swap "to strike, smite" (see swap), ultimately of imitative origin. The noun is recorded from 1800. Swatter "instrument for swatting flies" is recorded from 1917.
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American Heritage
Abbreviations & Acronyms
  1. special weapons and tactics

  2. special weapons attack team

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Example sentences
It collected microscopic particles with a gel-covered device resembling a tennis-racket sized fly-swat.
But not care enough, apparently, to get out of bed without a fire racing through my building or a swat team kicking down my door.
He immediately notified police, who moved in a swat team and lobbed tear gas into the houseboat.
Next, the swat team of photographers and the final photo shoot.
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