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[thach-ing] /ˈθætʃ ɪŋ/
thatch (def 1).
Origin of thatching
1350-1400; Middle English thecchyng. See thatch, ing1


[thach] /θætʃ/
Also, thatching. a material, as straw, rushes, leaves, or the like, used to cover roofs, grain stacks, etc.
a covering of such a material.
the leaves of various palms that are used for thatching.
something resembling thatch on a roof, especially thick hair covering the head:
a thatch of unruly red hair.
Horticulture. a tightly bound layer of dead grass, including leaves, stems, and roots, that builds up on the soil surface at the base of the living grass of a lawn.
verb (used with object)
to cover with or as if with thatch.
Horticulture. to remove thatch from (a lawn); dethatch.
before 900; (v.) Middle English thacchen, variant (with a from thak > dial. thack) of thecchen, Old English theccan to cover, hide; cognate with Dutch dekken (see deck), German decken, Old Norse thekja; (noun) Middle English thacche, variant (with ch from the v.) of thak
Related forms
thatchless, adjective
thatchy, adjective
rethatch, verb (used with object) Unabridged
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Examples from the web for thatching
  • Well, this thatching of hovels is the custom of the country.
  • The art of poetry is likened to other arts, including thatching and smithery.
  • Completion of the thatching is scheduled for spring.
  • Several thick log beams covered with smaller branches, juniper bark and mud thatching formed the roof.
  • Though it provides no food value to people, some use it for thatching and weaving mats.
  • At each site, a long-handled thatching rake was used to sample the aquatic macrophytes.
  • The principle of thatching is practically the same as shingling.
  • It was used by the early settlers for thatching roofs, and for cattle bedding and fodder.
  • Using a long-handled steel-thatching rake, four rake samples were taken at each sampling site.
  • Midsummer thatching will help control insects and fungus disease harbored in lawn clippings.
British Dictionary definitions for thatching


  1. Also called thatching. a roofing material that consists of straw, reed, etc
  2. a roof made of such a material
anything resembling this, such as the hair of the head
Also called thatch palm. any of various palms with leaves suitable for thatching
to cover (a roof) with thatch
Derived Forms
thatcher, noun
thatchless, adjective
thatchy, adjective
Word Origin
Old English theccan to cover; related to thæc roof, Old Saxon thekkian to thatch, Old High German decchen, Old Norse thekja
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Word Origin and History for thatching



Old English þeccan "to cover," related to þæc "roof, thatching material," from Proto-Germanic *thakan (cf. Old Saxon thekkian, Old Norse þekja, Old Frisian thekka, Middle Dutch decken, Old High German decchen, German decken "to cover"), from PIE *(s)tog-/*(s)teg- "cover" (see stegosaurus).


Old English þæc "roof, thatch," from the source of thatch (v.). Cf. Old Norse þak, Old Frisian thek, Middle Dutch dak "roof," Old High German dah, German Dach "roof."

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Slang definitions & phrases for thatching

thank you ma'am

noun phrase

A bump or hole in the road

Related Terms

wham-bam thank you ma'am

[1849+; because riders bounce up and down as if they were bowing thanks]

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