verb (used with object), transfixed or transfixt, transfixing.
to make or hold motionless with amazement, awe, terror, etc.
to pierce through with or as if with a pointed weapon; impale.
to hold or fasten with or on something that pierces.

1580–90; < Latin trānsfīxus (past participle of trānsfīgere to pierce through), equivalent to trāns- trans- + fīg(ere) to pierce + -sus, variant of -tus past participle suffix

transfixion [trans-fik-shuhn] , noun
untransfixed, adjective

1. fascinate, spellbind, engross, captivate, enthrall. Unabridged
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transfix (trænsˈfɪks)
vb , -fixes, -fixing, -fixed, -fixt
1.  to render motionless, esp with horror or shock
2.  to impale or fix with a sharp weapon or other device
3.  med to cut through (a limb or other organ), as in amputation
[C16: from Latin transfīgere to pierce through, from trans- + fīgere to thrust in]

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Word Origin & History

1590, "pierce through, impale," from M.Fr. transfixer, from L. transfixus "impaled," pp. of transfigere "to impale, pierce through," from trans- "through" + figere "to fix, fasten" (see fix). Fig. sense of "make motionless or helpless, as with amazement, terror, or grief" is first recorded 1649.
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Example sentences
Only a wine with the sublime power to transfix can so frequently disappoint and yet retain its teasing hold over its audience.
As the animated ball retraces the shot trajectory, all eyes transfix on the screen to see if it was in or out, and by how much.
At its highest level, wine can bewitch and bewilder, transfix and inspire.
But a new digital take on lenticular images requires no binocular dexterity to transfix you.
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