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anything worthless, useless, or discarded; rubbish.
foolish or pointless ideas, talk, or writing; nonsense.
a worthless or disreputable person.
such persons collectively.
literary or artistic material of poor or inferior quality.
broken or torn bits, as twigs, splinters, rags, or the like.
something that is broken or lopped off from anything in preparing it for use.
the refuse of sugar cane after the juice has been expressed.
Computers. an icon of a trash can that is used to delete files dragged onto it.
verb (used with object)
Slang. to destroy, damage, or vandalize, as in anger or protest: The slovenly renters had trashed the house.
to condemn, dismiss, or criticize as worthless: The article trashed several recent best-sellers.
to remove the outer leaves of (a growing sugar cane plant).
to free from superfluous twigs or branches.

1325–75; Middle English trasches (plural), apparently cognate with Norwegian trask rubbish; akin to Old English trus brushwood, Old Norse tros rubbish

5. drivel, rot, hogwash, nonsense.
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trash1 (træʃ)
1.  foolish ideas or talk; nonsense
2.  chiefly (US), (Canadian) useless or unwanted matter or objects
3.  a literary or artistic production of poor quality
4.  chiefly (US), (Canadian) a poor or worthless person or a group of such people
5.  bits that are broken or lopped off, esp the trimmings from trees or plants
6.  the dry remains of sugar cane after the juice has been extracted
7.  to remove the outer leaves and branches from (growing plants, esp sugar cane)
8.  slang to attack or destroy (someone or something) wilfully or maliciously
[C16: of obscure origin; perhaps related to Norwegian trask]

trash2 (træʃ)
1.  (tr) to restrain with or as if with a lead
2.  a lead for a dog
[C17: perhaps from obsolete French tracier to track, trace1]

trashed (træʃt)
informal drunk

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Word Origin & History

"anything of little use or value," 1518, perhaps from a Scand. source (cf. O.N. tros "rubbish, fallen leaves and twigs," Norw. dial. trask "lumber, trash, baggage," Swed. trasa "rags, tatters"), of unknown origin. Applied to ill-bred persons or groups from 1604 ("Othello"). Applied to domestic refuse
or garbage in 1906 (Amer.Eng.). The verb meaning "to discard as worthless" is 1895, from the noun; in the sense of "destroy, vandalize" it is attested from 1970; extended to "criticize severely" in 1975. Trashy "worthless" first attested 1620.
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Slang Dictionary

trash definition

  1. tv.
    to throw something away. : Trash this stuff. Nobody will ever use it.
  2. n.
    a low, worthless person; worthless people. : Running around with that trash—no wonder he's in trouble.
  3. tv.
    to vandalize something. : Somebody trashed the statue with spray paint.
  4. tv.
    to beat, as in a ball game. : You trashed us this game, but watch out next season!
  5. tv.
    to libel someone. : Who is the chick who was trashing Bart in the newspapers?
Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions by Richard A. Spears.Fourth Edition.
Copyright 2007. Published by McGraw-Hill Education.
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trashed definition

  1. mod.
    alcohol or drug intoxicated. (Collegiate.) : Let's all get trashed and raid the girls' dorm.
Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions by Richard A. Spears.Fourth Edition.
Copyright 2007. Published by McGraw-Hill Education.
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Example sentences
The mummy was lying in a tomb that had been trashed in ancient times by robbers.
Many of these people said they had trashed the email without reading it
There were academic rivalries so intense and acrimonious as to result in
  completely trashed faculty lounges.
Huffy, who sells the luggage, wants a valise that is going to be trashed.
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