[weth -er-bawr-ding, -bohr-] /ˈwɛð ərˌbɔr dɪŋ, -ˌboʊr-/
a covering or facing of weatherboards.
weatherboards collectively.
1625–35; weatherboard + -ing1


[weth -er-bawrd, -bohrd] /ˈwɛð ərˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd/
an early type of board used as a siding for a building.
Chiefly British. any of various forms of board used as a siding for a building.
Nautical. the side of a vessel toward the wind.
verb (used with object)
to cover or furnish with weatherboards.
1530–40; weather + board
Example Sentences for weatherboarding
The two-story frame residence is sheathed in weatherboarding.
The home is a two-story, frame residence sheathed in weatherboarding with a cross-gable roof.
The house is sheathed in weatherboarding on the first story, with wood shingles in the gables.
It is sheathed in unpainted weatherboarding and has a concrete and river rock foundation.
The exterior is sheathed in beaded weatherboarding, accented by corner pilasters and a water table.
The church is situated on a low brick pier foundation and is constructed of heart pine weatherboarding.
Much of the weatherboarding, the shingle roof and the sash were replaced.
The entire building has a timber frame with mortise and tenon joints, and is sheathed with weatherboarding.
Above the attic floor the entire gable is covered with weatherboarding.
The main two-story, wood-frame house is covered by weatherboarding and sits on a low brick foundation.
British Dictionary definitions for weatherboarding
weatherboard (ˈwɛðəˌbɔːd)
1.  Compare clapboard a timber board, with a groove (rabbet) along the front of its top edge and along the back of its lower edge, that is fixed horizontally with others to form an exterior cladding on a wall or roof
2.  a sloping timber board fixed at the bottom of a door to deflect rain
3.  the windward side of a vessel
4.  chiefly (Austral), (NZ) Also called: weatherboard house a house having walls made entirely of weatherboards

weatherboarding (ˈwɛðəˌbɔːdɪŋ)
1.  an area or covering of weatherboards
2.  weatherboards collectively

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