verb (used without object), wiggled, wiggling.
to move or go with short, quick, irregular movements from side to side: The puppies wiggled with delight.
verb (used with object), wiggled, wiggling.
to cause to wiggle; move quickly and irregularly from side to side.
a wiggling movement or course.
a dish of creamed fish or shellfish and peas.
get a wiggle on, Informal. to hurry up; get a move on: If you don't get a wiggle on, we'll miss the first act.

1175–1225; Middle English wiglen; akin to Old English wegan to move, wēg motion, wicga insect; compare Norwegian vigla to totter, frequentative of vigga to rock oneself, Dutch, Low German wiggelen

outwiggle, verb (used with object), outwiggled, outwiggling.
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wiggle (ˈwɪɡəl)
1.  to move or cause to move with jerky movements, esp from side to side
2.  the act or an instance of wiggling
3.  slang chiefly (US) get a wiggle on to hurry up
[C13: from Middle Low German, Middle Dutch wiggelen]

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Word Origin & History

early 13c., perhaps from M.Du. or M.Flem. wigelen, frequentative of wiegen "to rock," from wiege "cradle" (cf. O.H.G. wiga, Ger. Wiege, O.Fris. widze), from PIE base *wegh- "to move" (see weigh). The noun is attested from 1816.
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Example sentences
At night there are the hula dancers to giggle at when their hips shake back and forth making a funny wiggle.
Only wiggle or shake if it takes longer than an hour to dissolve.
Guidelines on investigating and reporting casualties have been amended over the years but there's still plenty of wiggle room.
Any wiggle room for abusive interrogations, they emphasized, would be construed as permission.
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