[yahr-dij] /ˈyɑr dɪdʒ/
measurement, or the amount measured in yards; length or extent in yards.
1875–80; yard1 + -age


[yahr-dij] /ˈyɑr dɪdʒ/
the use of a yard or enclosure, as in loading or unloading cattle or other livestock at a railroad station.
the charge for such use.
1860–65; yard2 + -age
Example Sentences for yardage
In a nutshell, it ascribes a relative value to yardage gained.
These rankings are based on a standard, yardage-based scoring system that awards six points for any kind of touchdown.
Sees the holes develop and can gain the tough yardage when the lanes are clogged by using his leg drive.
Holds onto the ball and can gain yardage after the catch.
Capable scrambler who isn't afraid to try to manufacture positive yardage on his own.
Has potential to become dominant as a short-yardage specialist.
It was some negative yardage plays in the first half that put us behind the chains.
Penalty yardage seldom correlates to wins and losses, so that penalty yardage is probably not a major concern.
The square yardage listed is an approximation of the floor space.
Once you have used your free yardage for the year, you will be charged the current rates for dumping.
British Dictionary definitions for yardage
yardage1 (ˈjɑːdɪdʒ)
a length measured in yards

yardage2 (ˈjɑːdɪdʒ)
1.  the use of a railway yard in the transportation of cattle
2.  the charge for this

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