adjective, beamier, beamiest.
emitting beams of or as of light; radiant.
broad in the beam, as a ship.
Zoology. having antlers, as a stag.

1350–1400; Middle English bemy. See beam, -y1

beamily, adverb
beaminess, noun Unabridged
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beam (biːm)
1.  a long thick straight-sided piece of wood, metal, concrete, etc, esp one used as a horizontal structural member
2.  any rigid member or structure that is loaded transversely
3.  the breadth of a ship or boat taken at its widest part, usually amidships
4.  a ray or column of light, as from a beacon
5.  a broad smile
6.  one of the two cylindrical rollers on a loom, one of which holds the warp threads before weaving, the other the finished work
7.  the main stem of a deer's antler from which the smaller branches grow
8.  the central shaft of a plough to which all the main parts are attached
9.  a narrow unidirectional flow of electromagnetic radiation or particles: a beam of light; an electron beam
10.  the horizontal centrally pivoted bar in a balance
11.  informal the width of the hips (esp in the phrase broad in the beam)
12.  a beam in one's eye a fault or grave error greater in oneself than in another person
13.  off beam, off the beam
 a.  not following a radio beam to maintain a course
 b.  informal wrong, mistaken, or irrelevant
14.  on the beam
 a.  following a radio beam to maintain a course
 b.  nautical opposite the beam of a vessel; abeam
 c.  informal correct, relevant, or appropriate
15.  to send out or radiate (rays of light)
16.  (tr) to divert or aim (a radio signal or broadcast, light, etc) in a certain direction: to beam a programme to Tokyo
17.  to pass (data, esp business card details, etc) from one hand-held computer to another by means of infrared beams
18.  (intr) to smile broadly with pleasure or satisfaction
[Old English beam; related to Gothic bagms tree, Old High German boum tree]
adj, —n

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Example sentences
The hull has the same general form as a standard skipjack with a sharp convex bow, beamy midsection, and counter stern.
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