[fawr; unstressed fer]
with the object or purpose of: to run for exercise.
intended to belong to, or be used in connection with: equipment for the army; a closet for dishes.
suiting the purposes or needs of: medicine for the aged.
in order to obtain, gain, or acquire: a suit for alimony; to work for wages.
(used to express a wish, as of something to be experienced or obtained): O, for a cold drink!
sensitive or responsive to: an eye for beauty.
desirous of: a longing for something; a taste for fancy clothes.
in consideration or payment of; in return for: three for a dollar; to be thanked for one's efforts.
appropriate or adapted to: a subject for speculation; clothes for winter.
with regard or respect to: pressed for time; too warm for April.
during the continuance of: for a long time.
in favor of; on the side of: to be for honest government.
in place of; instead of: a substitute for butter.
in the interest of; on behalf of: to act for a client.
in exchange for; as an offset to: blow for blow; money for goods.
in punishment of: payment for the crime.
in honor of: to give a dinner for a person.
with the purpose of reaching: to start for London.
contributive to: for the advantage of everybody.
in order to save: to flee for one's life.
in order to become: to train recruits for soldiers.
in assignment or attribution to: an appointment for the afternoon; That's for you to decide.
such as to allow of or to require: too many for separate mention.
such as results in: his reason for going.
as affecting the interests or circumstances of: bad for one's health.
in proportion or with reference to: He is tall for his age.
in the character of; as being: to know a thing for a fact.
by reason of; because of: to shout for joy; a city famed for its beauty.
in spite of: He's a decent guy for all that.
to the extent or amount of: to walk for a mile.
(used to introduce a subject in an infinitive phrase): It's time for me to go.
(used to indicate the number of successes out of a specified number of attempts): The batter was 2 for 4 in the game.
seeing that; since.
for it, British, in ( def 33 ).

before 900; Middle English, Old English; cognate with Old Saxon for; akin to fore1, Latin per through, Greek pró before, ahead

for, fore, four.

33. See because. Unabridged


a prefix meaning “away,” “off,” “to the uttermost,” “extremely,” “wrongly,” or imparting a negative or privative force, occurring in verbs and nouns formed from verbs of Old or Middle English origin, many of which are now obsolete or archaic: forbid; forbear; forswear; forbearance.

Middle English, Old English; compare German ver-, Greek peri-, Latin per-




free on rails.
Also, f.o.r. Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
for (fɔː, (unstressed) fə)
1.  intended to reach; directed or belonging to: there's a phone call for you
2.  to the advantage of: I only did it for you
3.  in the direction of: heading for the border
4.  over a span of (time or distance): working for six days; the river ran for six miles
5.  in favour of; in support of: those for the proposal; vote for me
6.  in order to get or achieve: I do it for money; he does it for pleasure; what did you do that for?
7.  appropriate to; designed to meet the needs of; meant to be used in: these kennels are for puppies
8.  in exchange for; at a cost of; to the amount of: I got it for hardly any money
9.  such as explains or results in: his reason for changing his job was not given
10.  in place of: a substitute for the injured player
11.  because of; through: she wept for pure relief
12.  with regard or consideration to the usual characteristics of: he's short for a man; it's cool for this time of year
13.  concerning; as regards: desire for money
14.  as being: we took him for the owner; I know that for a fact
15.  at a specified time: a date for the next evening
16.  to do or partake of: an appointment for supper
17.  in the duty or task of: that's for him to say
18.  to allow of: too big a job for us to handle
19.  despite; notwithstanding: she's a good wife, for all her nagging
20.  in order to preserve, retain, etc: to fight for survival
21.  as a direct equivalent to: word for word; weight for weight
22.  in order to become or enter: to go for a soldier; to train for the priesthood
23.  in recompense for: I paid for it last week; he took the punishment for his crime
24.  informal (Brit) for it liable for punishment or blame: you'll be for it if she catches you
25.  nothing for it no choice; no other course
26.  (coordinating) for the following reason; because; seeing that: I couldn't stay, for the area was violent
[Old English; related to Old Norse fyr for, Old High German fora before, Latin per through, prō before, Greek pro before, in front]

f.o.r. or commerce FOR
abbreviation for
free on rail
FOR or commerce FOR
abbreviation for

1.  indicating rejection or prohibition: forbear; forbid
2.  indicating falsity or wrongness: forswear
3.  used to give intensive force: forgive; forlorn
[Old English for-; related to German ver-, Latin per-, Greek peri-]

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Word Origin & History

O.E. for "for, before, on account of," from P.Gmc. *fura (cf. O.S. furi, Du. voor "for, before;" Ger. für "for;" Dan. for "for," før "before;" Goth. faur "for," faura "before"); see fore. A common prefix in O.E., where it could be intensive, destructive, or perfective.
Its use alone as a conjunction (not found before 12c.) is probably a shortening of common O.E. phrases such as for þon þy "therefore."
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for definition

for loop

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Abbreviations & Acronyms
Fornax (constellation)
  1. foreign

  2. forest

  3. forestry

free on rail
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Idioms & Phrases


In addition to the idioms beginning with for, also see all for; as for; but for; do for; done for; except for; go for; going for; good for; in for; out for; uncalled for; what for.

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The violence of the sun's atmosphere makes it both a difficult subject for
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These employers have provided in-depth profiles full of information for
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For instance: conventional wisdom says that the crime rate should rise during a
Research suggests the so-called brutes fashioned tools, buried their dead,
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