a covering for the hand made with a separate sheath for each finger and for the thumb.
verb (used with object), gloved, gloving.
to cover with or as if with a glove; provide with gloves.
to serve as a glove for.
hand and glove. hand ( def 55 ).
handle with kid gloves. kid gloves ( def 2 ).
take up the glove. gauntlet1 ( def 4 ).
throw down the glove. gauntlet1 ( def 5 ).

before 900; Middle English; Old English glōf; cognate with Old Norse glōfi

gloveless, adjective
glovelike, adjective
ungloved, adjective Unabridged
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glove (ɡlʌv)
1.  (often plural) See also gauntlet a shaped covering for the hand with individual sheaths for the fingers and thumb, made of leather, fabric, etc
2.  any of various large protective hand covers worn in sports, such as a boxing glove
3.  informal hand in glove in an intimate relationship or close association
4.  informal handle with kid gloves to treat with extreme care
5.  informal with the gloves off (of a dispute, argument, etc) conducted mercilessly and in earnest, with no reservations
6.  (tr; usually passive) to cover or provide with or as if with gloves
[Old English glōfe; related to Old Norse glōfi]

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Word Origin & History

O.E. glof "covering for the hand," also "palm of the hand," from P.Gmc. *galofo (cf. O.N. glofi), probably from *ga- collective prefix + *lofi "hand" (cf. O.N. lofi, M.E. love, Goth. lofa "flat of the hand"). Ger. Handschuh, the usual word for "glove," lit. "hand-shoe" (O.H.G. hantscuoh; also Dan., Swed.
hantsche) is represented by O.E. Handscio, but this is only attested as a proper name. To fit like a glove is first recorded 1771.
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Example sentences
Wear rubber gloves or hold chiles with the tines of a fork, then trim with a
  small, sharp knife.
Too-big gloves are clumsy to work in and are a menace to the bees.
Emily suggests putting on gloves and rubbing the seeds heads together over a
Sailing gloves protect your hands, and white rubber-soled shoes keep you from
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